4 seemingly wacky CES 2019 gadgets that are actually great products! #CES2019

4 seemingly wacky CES 2019 gadgets that are actually great products! #CES2019

Just as we are assured of BIG tech announcements at every CES, we are also assured that there will be some weird and wacky products too. Some are too far wacky to become mainstream but some look strange now but are actually amazing.

The wacky gadgets from CES 2019 are great products:

10-second toothbrush

y-brush - gadgets from CES 2019The logic is sound. Taking a toothbrush with a small head and moving it around your entire mouth, covering all surfaces is inefficient and therefore takes a long time.  This is why you need the Y-Brush.

It is the “smarter auto-cleaning electronic toothbrush. Simultaneously in-depth cleaning of all your teeth in 10 seconds only.”

Essentially you put the device into your mouth which looks like a sports gum guard, add toothpaste and push the button on the attached base and that’s it. It takes 5 seconds to clean the top set of teeth and then you flip it upside down, so it can clean the bottom row of teeth. It can do this as it uses sonic vibrating technology.

This toothbrush can be used by adults and kids alike which should help to dramatically reduce teeth related issues.

Price starts around $125 for a single brush or around $300 for a family pack which includes 4 brushes. More info here

Make a call with your finger

You know those FBI movies where the agent, for some unexplainable reason, feels the need to touch his ear when he talks into his microphone? Well, maybe he was using the ORII

orii - gadgets from CES 2019ORII is a ring that you connect to your phone as you would any Bluetooth headset. When you want to make a call or receive a call you simply extend your finger to your ear. ORII will then send the caller’s voice down your finder and into your ear using bone conduction.

ORII also connect to your phone’s Google Assistant or Siri so you can ask for direction, make reservations, ask for the weather and any other assistant commands. All through your finger.

There are also LED lights which you can set for notifications so you can visually see what if it’s a Text message, WhatsApp message, Email just by looking at your ring.

What I really also like is that those who are aging and have trouble with cell phones or those who are visually impaired are able to be connected just by using their finger.

More info on ORII here

Run for power

Its January and typically gyms are full of people trying to keep to their New Year’s resolution of getting back in shape. But since not everyone loves the gym, you can buy the Verde treadmill from SportsArt.

verde treadmill - gadgets CES 2019Need an incentive to run? This treadmill is a little different from your regular treadmill as every time you use the machine, it converts your run into electricity. It is capable of capturing up to 200 Watts/ hour of energy as you run, walk, jog, sprint…I wonder if you can get the dog to walk and convert that into power for your home???

For more info, head over to the website


Turn colors into music

While on the topics of rings, I loved the Sphero Specdrums. You wear a ring on your finger which has been linked to sphero spacedrums - gadgets from CES 2019an app via Bluetooth. You teach the ring to play a sound whenever it comes in contact with a color. What is also cool is that you can connect any color you choose to a sound and then tap anything with that color. Tap an orange to play the orange-linked sound or tap your skin to play the skin-colored linked sound. You can play loops, beats,  and get creative by being your own DJ simply tapping items around the house.

I think kids will love this especially if they draw a picture and create their own world where every color in that drawing is a sound.

The Sphero Specdrums cost $64.99 and available here

Snack-size CES:

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