Amazon late delivery

What to do if Your Amazon Delivery is Late

I love Amazon. I choose an item, and it magically arrives a few days later at my house; sometimes it arrived on the same day. Recently I had an issue […]

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Lego Lights are amazing

Cool Ways You Can Use Lego Lights In Your Lego Brick Masterpieces

I like retro games and you can’t get more of a classic than good old Lego. As a kid, I distinctly remember playing for hours with my brother as we […]

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google password security-protection-anti-virus-software-60504

Google launches a new password feature

Not a week goes by when there isn’t yet another story about passwords being hacked. It seems like no one is safe. If companies such as Facebook can get hacked, […]

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hidden airbnb camera watching through hole

How to check if your Airbnb has hidden cameras

It’s creepy to think that your Airbnb host or hotel owner has installed a hidden camera and could be watching you the entire time. When your privacy is invaded and […]

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rainbow vomit Dallas

Why is everyone flocking to Rainbow Vomit and so should you!

Its all about that perfect Instagram pic. The superb shot that sets you apart and for that to happen you need to have an awesome location to snap your masterpiece. […]

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How to use the OTG dongle

What is the OTG dongle and how do you use it?

Look inside you the cell phone box that you got with your phone and you should find a little dongle. This is the On The Go dongle (OTG) and it […]

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The Galaxy Fold – THIS IS NOT A REVIEW!

WARNING: This post is a bit of mix. It’s a bit of rant about the state of the Galaxy Fold, the Influencers, and then it comes full circle to end […]

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Should you buy the Bosma X1 Security Camera Kit?

Every year the Smart Home exhibition hall at CES just seems to get larger and larger as we move towards having a truly connected home. One of the areas of […]

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