grumpy man

Ok Boomer – You don’t understand internet syntax

So not to sound like that guy that screams at the kids to get off his lawn, but sometimes that is how I feel when I read comments on my […]

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business process whiteboard

How to optimize business processes systems for success

When a business starts out, the last thing the founders think about is processes – they have a business to launch so its all-hands-on-deck as everyone scrambles to do whatever […]

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Android 10 features you need to know

10 New things you can now do in Android 10 that your couldn’t do before

We now have Android 10. But so what? What has changed? What can you do now on your Android 10 that you couldn’t do before? According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, […]

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Best cyber monday black friday shopping for best deals

5 Cyber Monday Shopping Hacks and the BEST Tech Deals From Around The Web

You can’t open your email or browse through any social media without seeing a Black Friday Cyber Monday deals. They are everywhere and if you are not in the market […]

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cybertruck red

Tesla reveals the CyberTruck and people’s reactions are priceless

I love my Ford F150 truck. It is big and comfy, it has amazing interior space, loads of space in the bed of the truck and is incredible for family […]

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tech for sale

How to sell your tech the EASY WAY in time for Black Friday deals!

There are some amazing Black Friday Deals – I want the new DJI Drone Mini. However, it costs $399 so I have to decide how much I need it vs. […]

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pixelbook go review

Everything you need to know about the Pixelbook Go running Chrome OS

When I was sent the Pixelbook Go from Google, I expected a glorified Android tablet with a keyboard. I mean it just runs Chrome OS so what can it really […]

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port forwarding ps4 boost 3

How to get faster internet on the PlayStation with Port Forwarding to reduce lag

You finally managed to get time in front of your PS4. However, you find that your games are laggy, you can’t seem to connect to the gaming servers. When you […]

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