how to prevent identity theft

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity theft can be a very real and terrifying thing that many people will unfortunately experience. The issue is that the majority of people don’t know how to protect themselves […]

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online fraud

How to protect your Android from spying on you

When I ask people if they protect their phones with an antivirus, I get blank stares usually followed by “I have nothing to hid” or “who would want the info […]

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pixel 4 rise of the resistance

What is the Rise Of The Resistance at Disney and what has it got to do with my Google Pixel 4?

Some people MUST ride every rollercoaster and do every single ride, whereas I am more content just strolling through taking in the sights and sounds coffee in hand. I do […]

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kick off wifi

How to kick someone off your WiFi!

Something doesn’t feel right. The entire WiFi network is lagging, everything takes forever to do, and you can forget about streaming Netflix or YouTube. What’s going on??? This frustration is […]

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cybertruck bulletproof shirt elon musk

Tesla launched an epic CyberTruck Bulletproof shirt

What do you think happens when a CEO does a live public demonstration in front of the world’s press and something goes horribly wrong on stage? Heads would roll! It […]

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troubleshoot your network

How to troubleshoot your own WiFi and fix your internet speed

“My internet speed is slow and my ISP is crap.” That has to be one of the most frequently written comment on my How To Get Faster Internet and WiFi […]

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PowerEgg X Drone waterproof

PowerEgg X Drone is waterproof! Can your drone do that? CES 2020

Drone owners love their flying cameras. However ask a drone-owner if they recommend buying a drone, they usually say the same thing: make sure you have a reason to buy […]

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Lucy Robot Vacuum from Trifo

Lucy protects your home while she cleans: CES 2020

“Life is too short for folding sheets” that is a sign I have hanging up in my laundry room. That sign is wrong. It should read “Life is too short […]

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