Should you buy a gaming router if you are not a gamer?

Should you buy a gaming router if you are not a gamer?

We often hear jokes about gaming routers being as essential as gaming chairs – more of a marketing hype than a real need. 

But is there any truth to that?

Today, we’ll delve into whether a gaming router, specifically the Rog Rapture GT-BE98 Pro from Asus, can bring tangible benefits to non-gamers. 

Is it worth considering? Can it genuinely enhance your internet speed as some marketing claims suggest?

I partnered with Asus to test out this router and see if it’s everything that the documents say it is.

The Basics of a Router

Let’s start with understanding what a router is. Essentially, it’s like a computer without a screen or keyboard. It processes data to ensure seamless communication between your devices and the internet.

If a router’s hardware is outdated, it can result in slow connectivity – just like a sluggish computer.

Performance Hardware Matters

One notable advantage of gaming routers over standard ones is their focus on performance hardware. The Rog Rapture GT-BE98 Pro, for instance, boasts a powerful quad-core 2.6 GHz CPU and WiFi chipset. This ensures optimal management of demanding tasks from multiple devices simultaneously, providing a smoother experience for users with numerous connected devices.

Connectivity is KEY

For those with a myriad of devices like laptops, desktops, phones, security cameras, and smart home devices, the connectivity of a router becomes crucial. The GT-BE98 Pro excels in this department, offering dual 10G ports, LAN aggregation for enhanced wired network speeds, and Quad 2.5G ports for diverse device connections.

Wired Connections: The Need for Speed

Hardwired connections via LAN cables are preferred for faster and more reliable internet access. The router’s gaming port, marked at 10 Gbps, not only prioritizes gaming devices but can also be utilized by non-gamers for their main computers, ensuring priority internet access for activities like video calls.

Simply put, with the GT-BE98 Pro there are so many wired options to choose from, that there is no reason for any device to suffer slow connectivity.

WiFi Capabilities

But let’s be honest. No one wants to walk around their home with a wire connected to their cell phone or their laptop. So let’s unpack the advanced WiFi capabilities of the GT-BE98 Pro. 

WiFi operates on different frequency bands, each serving specific purposes based on speed and coverage. The GT-BE98 Pro supports a variety of bands, catering to diverse device needs.

2.4GHz Band:

  • Purpose: Offers greater distance coverage.
  • Use Cases: Ideal for smart home devices like security cameras and smart doorbells.

5GHz Band:

  • Purpose: Provides faster connections.
  • Use Cases: Typically used by smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

6GHz and 6e Bands:

  • Purpose: Elevates WiFi speed further. The GT-BE98 offer not one, but dual 6Gz WiFi!
  • Use Cases: Suitable for bandwidth-intensive applications and emerging technologies and being able to split the traffic to handle the backhaul connectivity

Asus ROG GT-BE98 Pro Dual 6GHz

WiFi 7:

  • Upcoming Evolution: WiFi 7 is the latest advancement in WiFi technology and with the GT-BE98 Pro you are getting a future-proof router that can take advantage of WiFi 7 as it becomes available on more devices.
  • Noteworthy Features:
    • 1. Increased Network Capacity: WiFi 7’s 320MHz channels in the 6 GHz band significantly boost data transfer rates. It’s akin to doubling the lanes on a highway, allowing for faster traffic and accommodating more significant volumes of data.
    • 2. 4096-QAM Technology: This technology encodes bits onto a wireless signal more efficiently. It’s a leap forward in the modulation process, leading to enhanced network capacity and overall throughput.
    • 3. Speeds of up to 30 Gbps:WiFi 7’s impressive speeds ensure a seamless experience for users with bandwidth-intensive tasks or numerous connected devices. It’s a game-changer for those seeking top-tier performance.
    • 4. Efficient Multi-Link Operation (MLO): The GT-BE98 Pro’s MLO capability enables simultaneous connections on multiple frequency bands, ensuring optimal performance even as WiFi standards evolve. This results in faster speeds, more reliable connections, and minimal dead spots.

Antenna Technology

With 8 external antennas and 16 powerful internal dipole antenna elements, the GT-BE98 Pro efficiently services devices across different bandwidths. Each antenna has an independent high-power amplifier, enhancing signal strength and reducing dead spots, making your internet more reliable and efficient.

So in summary:

What is impressive is just how much is packed into the router. One of the reasons I partner with Asus is because they invest so much time and money into developing features we actually want vs “just nice to have”.

I personally run their routers in my studio and in my home.

I especially like that they prioritize security and it’s not an afterthought. They have AIProtection, which is built into this device. Without a subscription, the router is constantly being updated with the latest virus definitions – much like your computer is. There is also a Guest Network Pro feature which allows you to create separate networks for your main devices and keep smart devices on their own network. You could also create a kid’s network or any type of stand-alone WiFi network so that each network does not cross over and can access your devices. This is critical; especially with people buying the cheapest smart devices from Amazon!

Asus Guest Network Pro

While the term “gaming router” might evoke thoughts of unnecessary extravagance, the Rog Rapture GT-BE98 Pro proves its worth for non-gamers with multiple connected devices. 

Its performance hardware, diverse connectivity options, and advanced WiFi capabilities make it a reliable investment for those seeking faster and more efficient internet experiences, even if gaming isn’t their primary focus.

Check out more information on the ASUS Rog GT-BE98 Pro here


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