what is vpn

What everyone needs to know about VPN and why you should use one

It’s Christmas time and there are frantic lists being made of the gifts that need to be purchased. Fortunately, in 2018, much of that buying will happen online from the […]

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How to secure my Facebook account

How to change your Facebook password and secure your account

Is your Facebook profile secure? Let me ask you this: Would you be comfortable snapping pictures of your kids in the pool and sharing them with complete strangers around the world […]

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3 Modes make PRIVAT X the ultimate secure smartphone

Raise your hands if you use your phone to snapping pictures… I am pretty sure that would be 99% of us. Now Raise your hands if you know if your […]

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Dallas warning system was hacked!

The sirens went off at around 11:45pm on Friday evening. Then again and again and again. Around the Dallas area, there is a network of severe weather warning sirens which […]

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Lookout for The Wolf if your office is not HP Secure

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HP MPS. All opinions are 100% mine. We live in the information age is a very overused cliché. However, […]

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Government calls for parents to destroy the My Friend Cayla doll

Destroy the spying doll ! Yes, you read that correctly. This did not come from some nutter in a tinfoil hat hiding in the woods, but the call came from […]

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Warning to Android users – Do not download the Flash Security Update

Raise your hand (virtually) if your phone runs out of power half way through the day? *Liron raises his hand* Scrambling for a charger and a cable is now just […]

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Visual Hacking leaves no trace and you have probably been hacked already

Have you ever been shoulder-surfed? No. It is not a new water sport and if you have been shoulder-surfed, chances are that you didn’t even know it had happened. Shoulder-surf […]

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