Google Pixel 3 Camera Tips and How To

What are the Google Pixel 3 camera tips you ACTUALLY need to know!

What is the Google Pixel 3 Night Sight and how do you use it? How good is the Google Pixel 3 camera? What does the Google Pixel 3 Lens do? […]

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palm phone from verizon

Palm phone: what reviewers got totally wrong

So many reviewers have picked up the Palm phone and after spending some time with it concluded that it is not a device to replace your phone. eh… it’s NOT […]

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Google Pixel 3 tips and tricks

35 Settings, Tips and Tricks to every Google Pixel 3 owner should know

Should I buy the Google Pixel 3 or the Google Pixel 3 XL? The last time I reviewed the Pixel was the original Pixel one in October 2016 and back […]

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Samsung Galaxy s9 vs. iPhone X vs. Google Pixel 3

How will Samsung Galaxy S9 fare as a premium smartphone?

If there is one phone that has us non-iPhone salivating it’s the Samsung Galaxy S9 which was announced at Mobile World Congress. The camera, the specs, the phone all scream […]

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Review: The ZTE Blade X Max is as cool as it sounds

The ZTE Blade X Max is a superb phone with an incredible battery that students and professionals will love. Oh, and it is a 6-inch large phone but without the […]

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Hisense is ready to rock and roll and dust and water and and and

Technology should fit in with our lives and not the other way round. When Hisense said they have a new phone that rocks the outdoors,  Clare, who has been on some […]

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4 things you will love about the BlackBerry Priv and 3 things you will not

Raise your hands if you ever owned a BlackBerry? Asking this question to an audience at an Executive Business Summit resulted in 100% hands-up scenario. Asking the same question at […]

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LG G5 is first modular phone at Mobile World Congress

Once again LG has managed to wow (yes that’s word) the mobile world with their latest G5 announcements at this year’s Mobile Word Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. I have been […]

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