5 Google Pixel 5 Camera Features You MUST See!

5 Google Pixel 5 Camera Features You MUST See!

There are many reasons to get the Google Pixel 5.  It is small with a 6inch display, has a 4000 mAh battery with wireless charging, 8 GB RAM, 128GB of storage, it is water-resistant and while it has no headphone jack, it does have a rear-fingerprint sensor. All this for $699 in the US.

But the one thing that is synonymous with the Google Pixel range of phones is the camera.

So here are 5 Google Pixel 5 camera Tips and Tricks you MUST try out!

4 Video stabilization Modes

We love to shoot videos on our phones. Be it capturing the dog’s walk at the park or a family day trip out or filming for social media. Video stabilization in phone cameras have come a long way but the Pixel 5 takes it up several notches as it doesn’t just have 1 image stabilization but it has 4!

  • Light movement – the kind we are used to see on many phones.
  • Locked – this is for objects that are far away. This is also awesome for snapping pics at that distance without the bounce.
  • Active Stabilization – this is for heavy movement
  • Cinematic Pan – this is for that smooth panning shots.

Pixel 5 stabilization

The help tooltips are amazing

If you are not a pro photographer or professional videographer you might not know what you should set your slow motion to when wanting to capture a fast-moving item or you might not know what speed you should set your timelapse to capture sunsets.

Don’t worry, the Google Pixel 5 camera has got little tooltips that pop up above each option that tells you what your option you should choose when wanting to capture each scene.

What I also like is that the options are right there on the screen. You no longer have to hunt for them in the More section or in the pull-down settings. Everything is right at your fingertips.

Pixel 5 tooltips

Night Sight

Low light destroys photos. If there isn’t enough light, usually the photo appears as a big blur. Therefore, phones now come with a low light setting option. On the Pixel 5 it is called Night Sight and if the photo you want to take just doesn’t have enough light, the icon changes to a moon shape so you can snap it in Night Sight Mode.

The Pixel 5 also has Astrophotography mode. If you want to take a photo of the night sky and its pitch black, it will automatically enable this mode and sets a counter on the screen. Over the next few minutes, it will continuously adjust the light intake so you can snap amazing night star shots.

Google Pixel 5 Astrophotography

Motion Photos and Frequent Faces

Enable motion photos! What this does is take several photos in rapid succession and then display them for you on the timeline. You can then scroll through them and pick the best shot.

This is super handy when taking photos of kids or animals who don’t post for too long. This way you can pick the best photo.

Frequent Faces is also a feature that captures a short burst of photos but this time it is optimized to pick the best photo when everyone in the group is facing the camera with their eyes open.

We all have the one person who can’t keep their eyes open for a group photo or one where everyone looks great but one person just happens to pull a funny face at that exact moment. This allows you to select the best photo where everyone is looking their best.

Pixel 5 - Motion Photos

Social Sharing

With Social Share, you can select 3 of your most frequently used apps that you share your photos to and have them right at your fingertips after you snap a photo.

For me its WhatsApp for family photos, Instagram, and Twitter.

Pixel 5 social share

Audio zoom

When you shoot a video in an environment that has loads of background music or noise, this can drown you out. The Pixel 5 has Audio Zoom which you can enable and what this does is focus the audio on you and reduces the background noise.

Pixel 5 audio zoom

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