How to get faster internet by changing 1 setting with CloudFlare For Family

How to get faster internet by changing 1 setting with CloudFlare For Family

How would you like to get faster internet and at the same time keep malware out AND it’s completely free with no catches?

One of my fav companies has once again launched a new service enhancing their already awesome service in their mission to give us both privacy and speed. This is especially important now that we are stuck at home and trying to do Remote Work while kids are streaming their school work (and Netflix)

4 steps to get faster internet:

Cloudflare launched a service called  which is a free DNS that anyone can use. This has been around for some time but now there is a new service: Family. This is the ability for you to not only get fast DNS lookups, but also keep malware out of your network.

If you have kids and you want to keep out adult content, you can use an additional DNS service that will block those sites too!

All for free.

You can set this up either on your individual Windows or MAC machine so only that individual computer gets the nice fast internet and content filtering or you can set it up on the router that EVERY device in the house uses that setting.

Here is the link and instruction on how to set up CloudFlare DNS for Family but if you want to set it up for your Router, here are the 4 steps:

    1. Log into your Router. Each router is different so do a search on how to access your router’s setting (or watch this video)
    2. Find your DNS setting
    3. If you want CloudFlare to block out just malware, change your router DNS to:
      • Primary DNS:
      • Secondary DNS:
    4. If you want CloudFlare to block out just malware AND adult-content, change your router DNS to:
      • Primary DNS:
      • Secondary DNS:

What is a DNS?

Dotted around the internet are servers. Email servers. Web servers. Gaming servers. They connect to the internet using an IP address which is essentially their “street address”; a way to identify where they are on the web.

If you know the IP address of the server you want to get to, then you can type that into your web browser and data from your computer will travel into the internet and get to the server and return with the info you want. However, since we can’t remember a bazillion IP addresses, those internet pioneers built a system where we can put in “” into a web browser and then a DNS will then look up where live and return its IP address.  A kind of telephone book if you will.

Why is this DNS important for speed?

The faster your computer can look up that IP address, the sooner your computer can send its request to the website or the email server or the gaming server. We want those lookups to happen as quickly as possible. The more delay there is, the slower things become.

This is where CloudFlare comes in. CloudFlare is one of those companies that most of us geeks use when it comes to our websites and security. They deal with over 1 billion IP addresses and are in 90 countries and have some serious infrastructure to say the least.

Set your router settings as above and enjoy a nice fast internet connection with the malware and family security built in!

If you want more info on how to get Faster Internet, check these out:


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