Is your Microwave REALLY slowing down your WiFi and Internet Speed?

Is your Microwave REALLY slowing down your WiFi and Internet Speed?

Now that we are all stuck at home, it looks like our WiFi and Internet might not be fast enough to handle the constant Netflix Streaming, YouTubing, TikToking, Remote Learning and work Zoom meetings. Apparently the Microwave is slowing your WiFi speed???

This is a common question that I get on this Blog and on my YouTube channel and there are in fact various solutions that anyone can do. Some involved just some setting changes, while others involve buying specific hardware. Those solutions work. I have tested each one. [see below for links to those]

The one “Faster WiFi Tip” I am continuously seeing is that our Microwaves are causing our WiFi to be slow….so I decided to test that. Is it true? Can our Microwave really slow down our WiFi and Internet speed?

What’s the deal with Microwaves WiFi?

Our Microwaves are being picked on as they use the 2.4Ghz frequency to warm up our favorite meal. 2.4Ghz is also the frequency that our WiFi uses. So technically, since both devices use the same frequency, they can cause interference with each other. This results in slower WiFi speed but not less hot food.

Since Microwaves focus their entire energy inside, therefore they should have any effect on the WiFi. HOWEVER, Microwaves leak energy. Cheaper Microwaves aren’t made to the same standards at the more recognized brand names and therefore their leakage could happen sooner than the “big brand name” Microwaves. Even the expensive Microwave’s seals leak over time.

This means that this leaked 2.4Ghz energy floating around your kitchen could have an impact on the WiFi.

Is your Microwave slowing down your WiFi?

Let me start by saying that if your Microwave is leaking so badly that it does slow down your WiFi, then its time to get a new Microwave! That is much more of a concern than faster internet.

Assuming that your Microwave isn’t leaking so badly, then will that have an impact on your WiFi’s speed?

I tested it as a regular person using WiFi while the Microwave was switched on. Here are the results:


Now that you have seen this, check out more info on how to really speed up your WiFi and Internet speed here:



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