INSTANTLY optimize your Windows 10 performance

INSTANTLY optimize your Windows 10 performance

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We tend to upgrade our phones every year or every two years. We want the latest technology. The latest features. The latest innovation. However, the same doesn’t apply to our desktop or laptop; we tend to keep those for as long as possible. While you try to optimize Windows 10 performance with upgrades, often the price of these hardware upgrades just don’t warrant the price.

Before you reluctantly grab your credit card, there is another option. A software solution called Voosh Performance which was developed by Voosh Technologies. Oh, and it’s free! (more on that below)


What is Voosh Performance?

Most people simply install Microsoft Windows followed by their favorite apps and rely on the computer to keep everything running. While this is fine, geeks like me know that we can tinker and change various settings to ensure that our computers are operating at their full potential. These settings are beyond most people’s technical abilities.

This is where Voosh Performance comes in.  It’s like having your own personal techie that is constantly tweaking your computer’s software for the ultimate performance. A computer mechanic if you will keeping your computer’s engine running at top shape at all times.

The software was developed by Voosh Technologies Inc which is located in Santa Cruz, CA, part of Silicon Valley.  The three ‘C’ level executives have more than 100 years of combined experience in technology and 12 patents in fibre optics and protocol analyzers.  They have worked for and managed companies such as Finisar, Oracle, Borland and HP.

In other words, they KNOW how to optimize corporate networks for the best performance and have taken all that experience and squeezed that into Voosh Performance. Now everyone can take advantage of the hardware they have right now without upgrading.

What does Voosh Performance do?

While the company obviously doesn’t reveal their magic sauce, it focuses on optimizing your computer’s CPU, Network, Memory, Hard drive, and overall performance. If you do want to read the techie details, you are welcome to go through their patent document here.

how to optimize your Windows 10 computer with voosh performance - what does it do - thetechieguy

Does Voosh Performance really optimize Windows 10?

When you install the Voosh Performance software, the first thing it does is analyze your hardware. It then finds all the ways it can tweak and tune it. After a reboot those changes are implemented, the software shows you a before and after screen. It is important to note that it does not change your preferences or the custom settings you have in apps or touch your data. Everything will be exactly as you had it before; just faster.

As you can see from the screen below, you will be presented with an overview that shows you how much the overall performance has been improved by. This is broken down into various areas such as Disk, Memory, CPU, and Network (upload and download speeds.)

how to optimize your Windows 10 computer with voosh performance - thetechieguy

You are also able to dive into each one of the areas to see all the juicy technical bits such as TCP Receive Windows and Out of Order Packets (or not). You can also track the performance history over time as Voosh continuously optimizes your computer.

So even while you are on your Zoom work call, playing games, streaming Netflix, sending emails, your personal geek is under the computer’s hood finetuning everything. Continuosly.

how to optimize your Windows 10 computer with voosh performance - Disk Speed - thetechieguy

how to optimize your Windows 10 computer with voosh performance - Network Speed - thetechieguy

how to optimize voosh performance - History- thetechieguy

Does Voosh Performance work on an old computer too?

I installed Voosh Performance on two computers to optimize Windows 10.

One is my super powerful custom-built computer that is an Intel Core i9, 64 GB Ram, 1 TB SSD, and GeForce RTX 2080 Super graphics card. To be honest, I didn’t expect that the software would do anything with this computer as its already ridiculously optimized. I was wrong.  Even on this computer, it managed to enhance my performance by 35%.

I then installed it on my old Lenovo laptop which has a Core i5 with 4GB of RAM and that saw a MAJOR 61% improvement:

how to optimize voosh performance - old laptop - thetechieguy

How much does Voosh Performance cost?

The company is so confident that the software will optimize Windows 10, that you can use it for 7-days free of charge. You don’t need to register or provide your email address, or a credit card number. You simply click on the download button and install it.

There are no “ads” or any upsells to any maintenance apps or anti-virus software which is common with these types of applications. If you are concerned that the software does anything dodgy with your data, don’t be. It has passed through all the major anti-virus companies so Voosh will not trigger a warning as it is safe.

Run it for 7 days. If you don’t see a difference on your computer after 7 days; uninstall it. When the software is removed it will undo all the tweaks it has made as if it was never there.

If you do see an improvement, then you can purchase the software. The cost is $9.97 per month or $29.97 Semi-Annual. The best bit is that you can install this on up to 5 computers so it works out at less than $2 per computer…

So in summary:

Having run huge corporate international networks around the world, I fully appreciate this tech. As you can appreciate, it would cost corporates millions to simply upgrade computers and so we would deploy this kind of software to hundreds of thousands of servers and desktops. We HAD to squeeze more life out of each machine. I am so excited that this technology is finally available to everyone!

Click here to download your 7-day fully functional Voosh Performance!

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