Windows 10 how to tips and tricks 2018 cortana

Windows 10 Tips! What is Cortana Notebook? How to use Virtual Desktop?

The more I explore Windows 10, the more hidden features I discover. To be fair, they are right there and if you spend long enough digging through Windows 10 you can uncover a treasure trove of goodies – but at the meme goes: ain’t nobody got time for that!

So instead of listing hundreds of Windows 10 How-Tos, which frankly is overwhelming, I broke these up into several videos which are easy to digest and follow along.

In the latest video, I show you the following Windows 10 Tips and Tricks:

  • How to give assistance using Windows 10 Quick Assist
  • How to use Windows 10 Cortana Notebook to issue voice commands to your smart connected home
  • How to use Sticky Notes with its new Win 10 update
  • How to use the Windows 10 Shake
  • How to use the Virtual Desktop which is a completely underused  feature in Windows 10

All these right here:

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