walmart black friday sale deal and saving catcher app

How to use the Walmart Saving Catcher and what are the Walmart Best Black Friday Deals in 2018

When I moved to the USA from South Africa it was all new. There was a lot to get used to.

Walmart saving catcher

From having to deal with this thing called a Credit Score, to getting a Social Security, to opening a bank account and getting kids into schools.

I also needed to be very careful with how I manage my finances and the one thing I hated was keeping paper receipts. Being a techie, I opted to use the Walmart app and one of the benefits was that you could scan your receipts and it kept it for you.

What I didn’t realize was that the Walmart app didn’t only keep the receipt but also actively put money into my account!

Walmart has a “Saving Catcher” which means that AFTER you pay for your products, for the next couple of days Walmart would see if the same products you bought could have been bought elsewhere at a cheaper price. If it finds a match, it would refund you the difference!

Fast forward to just before the Black Friday Sale in 2018, and I check my Walmart account and there is close to $250 in there!

What are the best Walmart Black Friday Deals and how to use the Saving Catcher?


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