email do not do tips

10 Email Mistakes When Pitching Your Business To The Press

It happened again as it does every single year and it really needs to stop. Around the middle of November, the press emails start making their rounds to inboxes announcing […]

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walmart black friday sale deal and saving catcher app

How to use the Walmart Saving Catcher and what are the Walmart Best Black Friday Deals in 2018

When I moved to the USA from South Africa it was all new. There was a lot to get used to. From having to deal with this thing called a […]

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what is dns-cloudflare dns

Cloudflare DNS Mobile App means faster internet and privacy for all

If you want faster web browsing and even more importantly, keeping your activities online private, then Cloudflare DNS is exactly what you need! What is DNS? Why do you […]

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How to secure my Facebook account

How to change your Facebook password and how to set your secure your Facebook account so it can’t be cloned

Let me ask you this: Would you be comfortable snapping pictures of your kids in the pool and sharing them with complete strangers around the world telling them your kids names […]

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Google Pixel 3 tips and tricks

35 Settings, Tips and Tricks to every Google Pixel 3 owner should know

Should I buy the Google Pixel 3 or the Google Pixel 3 XL? The last time I reviewed the Pixel was the original Pixel one in October 2016 and back […]

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which is best phone for games

Which mobile phone is best for mobile gaming?

Which is the best phone for gaming? – oh wow do I get this question a lot!! Contrary to popular belief (ie gamer rants), there is really no straightforward answer […]

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Google maps tips and tricks in 2018

20+ tips and tricks in Google Maps that you should use in 2018

Most people just use Google Maps to get from point A to point B. After all, isn’t Google Maps just a portable GPS which you carry with you at all times […]

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red dead redemption 2 questions answered 5

Answering 10 common Red Dead Redemption 2 questions with NO spoilers

Ask any gamer about the latest hottest game, and Red Dead Redemption 2 will now be  top of their list (that and Fortnite….) If the name sounds familiar it is because […]

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