Mr Beast - TeamTrees save the planet

Everything you need to know about how Mr. Beast mobilized YouTube for #TeamTrees

YouTubers are at it again. This time not for more drama but for a really great cause that everyone is rallying behind – welcome to #TeamTrees   This is a […]

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VidSummit 2019

What you REALLY need to know about VidSummit

If It takes a village to raise a child then it takes VidSummit to raise a creator. That is how I describe VidSummit, an annual YouTube focused summit that takes […]

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Arlo Pro 3 Should you buy it review (20)

Arlo Pro 3 camera system packs a lot of security power

This post is sponsored by Arlo Pro 3 but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Our home is our castle – or so the saying goes. And […]

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android wifi Mobile hotspot double speed

How to DOUBLE your Android Mobile Hotspot Speed with one setting

One of the most underrated features on the cell phone is the Hotspot feature. This is especially useful if the local ISP is so slow or if it’s your only […]

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how to secure your WiFi in 7 steps

How to secure your WiFi with these 7 simple steps you must do right now

“I don’t know why my internet is running so slow” is how the call started last week. What I discovered was a lot worse than just slow Netflix and laggy […]

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The BEST Halloween tech gadgets – Decoration Ideas 2019

Halloween is around the corner! It’s time to head into the attic and find the box marked Halloween Decoration. As you dust off the years of spider webs, lanterns, ghostly […]

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how to read DELETED WhatsApp messages

How to read DELETED WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages

So you sent a WhatsApp or a Facebook Message, instantly regretted it and you quickly delete it before the person could see it – it’s gone, right? Well…not exactly. There […]

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autonomous standing desk SmartDesk2 Hybrid Edition

What you need to know BEFORE getting a Standing Desk like the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Hybrid Edition

Let’s be honest we are spending far too many hours sitting in front of our computer. We work, we game, and of course, we stream YouTube, Netflix, and sporting events. […]

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