Displate Posters with a genius twist

Spice up your home office with Displate

This blog is sponsored by Displate. As always, all opinions are 100% my own: “I have one-large-low-fat-caramel-Americano-with-wings” “who ordered that green-pumpkin-spiced-team?” *sigh* Ever tried to work in a coffee shop […]

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how to network

4 quick power tips to be a better networker

Love them or hate them, business conferences are just part of the business journey. I just returned from the Vegas from the Grow With Video conference event which quickly followed the Dallas […]

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work from home

Three tools you need to set up a remote working team

Let’s be honest, the theory of remote-working is great but in reality, it’s not for every business. Some types of businesses require you to be in the office – sorry. […]

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social media business strategy

7 Social Media branding tips every business owner should be aware of

Social media is perhaps the most impactful medium in the history of business marketing. Radio and TV made it where an advertiser could reach millions of consumers at once, but […]

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how to market apps

What are app reinstalls and why it matters for marketers

Let’s face it – without apps, our phones and tablet would be pretty boring. Gaming, productivity tools, meditation, health, and every other category are stuffed full of apps of varying […]

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Why your business should be investing in Live Streaming

When we talk about Live Streaming, the first image that pops into our mind is a YouTuber streaming their content or Twitch users live streaming their latest games. However, Live […]

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Dave Pollot Mario Art

This art is where thrift store and pop culture combine

“Morning Break” was the title. I was staring at a splash of blue paint on a white canvas in an art museum.  I don’t get “art.” To me, this “piece” […]

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website hosting for your business

How to choose the right web hosting provider for your business

You know what isn’t fun? Getting a call from a company saying “We need help ASAP, our website is down!!!” This is what I had to deal with this week. […]

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