Futuristic Tech that is here already

Whenever I speak at an event about the state of tech and the future possibilities of technology, I always get the same two questions: “When will it get here?” and […]

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5 tech tips all business owners should consider in 2018

The saying goes:  “The only constant is change.” This is especially true when it comes to the evolution of technology and its impact on everything – especially on conducting business […]

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how to get Fortnite on Android

How to get Fortnite for Android and a list of compatible Fortnite Android phones

Ever since Fortnite made its first appearance, gamers who fell in love with the game, have wanted a portable version of the game. This request was answered in the form of […]

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I discovered I was addicted while on a cruise ship

In July, the family and I headed out on a 7-day cruise from Texas to Honduras and Mexico. I decided not to buy the internet package at $17.99 per day. […]

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Scams business owners should be aware of

“I think I just got scammed!” That is how the conversation started. I was working with a person who runs a fairly large online business. He started to notice that […]

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safety Tech in cars

Does your car have these safety tech features yet?

Long time followers of the Blog and my YouTube channel know that I am no “car guru”. I appreciate great cars, I am just not one of those people who […]

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Top YouTubers trust Crowdmade to handle their merch – here is why:

VidCon is one of the largest annual YouTuber and Fans convention that takes place in Anaheim, LA. It’s a couple of days where thousands of YouTuber fans hang out in […]

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Three challenges of selling tech online

“Its easy – you just load a bunch of items onto a website, add a plug-in and within minutes you can sell your electronics and compete with Amazon.” This was […]

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