Razor unveils its dockless ride-share EcoSmart Scooter at CES2019

Razor unveils its dockless ride-share EcoSmart Scooter at CES2019

In Dallas, it’s not uncommon to see kids zipping around the local bike track on their Razor scooters. Mom and Dad usually follow along on their bikes as the family enjoys a day out in the sun.

Razor has been synonymous with building the world-class scooters and hoverboards for years and are the world standard. Razor has been continuously adding products to their vast collection and at CES 2018, we got to see the Turbo Jetts heel mounted skates and my personal favorite has to be the E Prime (because I can ride it too and its folds up beautifully into the boot of my car!!)

At CES 2019, Razor has introduced a new addition to the family: the EcoSmart Scooter which is unlike their previous products. The EcoSmart is an electric site-on style scooter which is being deployed in San Diego,  California, San Antonio, Texas, and Tempe, Arizona as the last-mile solution! This sit-on is the first of its kind in the on-demand electric vehicle world and its the gap that we have been waiting for.

What is the Razor EcoSmart?

Razor EcoSmart Scooter Sit OnThe EcoSmart scooters are built with a large supportive frame and cushy large wheels which provide the rider with a nice smooth ride absorbing the bumps of the sidewalk and the road. The EcoSmart has a large seat so the rider can relax and enjoy the ride as they zip around their city at a maximum speed of 15 mph.  There is also a handy basket to carry your take-out order back to the office.

For Razor, safety has always been paramount and therefore the EcoSmart has a hand-operated rear disk brake which reacts quickly and has impressive stopping power. This gives rider confidence and a feeling of control which is critical in all-electric vehicles.

How does the EcoSmart Razor Share work?

razor scanThe EcoSmart is a dockless e-scooter. To use it, just download the app, walk up to the scooter and scan the QR-code. The EcoSmart will be unlocked and all yours to ride. When you are done, simply leave the scooter anywhere and your ride ends. You are billed for the time used and the scooter is ready for its next passenger.

While you wait for your city to deploy the Razor EcoSmart, you could purchase one for personal-usage too (without the QR code bit) and next time the kids grab their Razor scooters, you can grab yours!


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