Why is the nomadplug the last travel adapter you will ever buy?

Why is the nomadplug the last travel adapter you will ever buy?

Every year at CES, there are huge booths which cost hundreds of thousand dollars. This is where you will find the big brands like Samsung, Huawei, Google, TCL, DJI, Lenovo to name but a few. While these are superb companies with great products, I like to head down to a section of CES called Eureka Park.

In Eureka Park is where you will find thousands of smaller companies from around the world showcasing their products, ideas, and innovations. One such innovation is nomadplug.

This is an ideal solution designed specifically for every business international traveler who is tired of carrying a bag-full of unsightly bulky charges.

What is nomadplug?

Just like the best products in the world, this was developed out of a need. Ryan Silberman, Founder & CEO of nomadplug, purchased an ultrathin laptop and was frustrated when he had to purchase multiple travel adapters. Therefore, instead of sliding the laptop into a thin sleeve he was forced to walk around with a large bag to house all the various adapters.

That’s ridiculous.

Ryan soon discovered this was a common issue amongst those who frequently travel for business without an elegant solution. He decided to solve this issue with not only a functional universal travel adapter but one that also looks premium too. And the nomadplug was born.

nomadplug travel adaptor before after

The nomadplug is smartly built in a way that all the countries’ power configurations are built into one moduler, slick looking device. Arrive in Spain, then head off to England and then the USA? No need to buy three adapters as the nomadplug has a configuration for all of these. In fact, the nomadplug travel adapter works in all 195 countries which is significant as most other travel adapters work in only 160 countries.

The nomadplug also has 2x USB & 1x USB-C ports to charge your phone and tablet so no need to carry that adapter either.

In today’s world where airlines are so strict on carry-on luggage weight and limited space, we need solutions that can make our travel that much easier. The nomadplug just does that beautifully and you can get your nomadplug here

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