How does the HTC One Mini compare to the HTC One and to the Galaxy s4 ?

HTC One Mini

Following on the heals of the HTC One , HTC is in the process of released its smaller version  & aptly named HTC One mini

Visually the HTC One mini seems to share the same overall design and features that made the HTC One popular such as BlinkFeed, BoomSound, Zoe and the UltraPixel Camera.

Besides the size being reduced from 4.7 inch screen to 4.3 inch screen the internal storage is scaled to 16GB on the mini compared to the 32GB on its larger brother.  With no expandable storage this could hurt this little device especially when you compare it to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini that whilst only having 8 GB of internal storage, it does have the microSD option to expand the storage up to 64GB.

According to HTC spokesperson the HTC One Mini is expected to be launched during the third quarter in the South African market.

So whilst there is no indication of South African prices, according to the UK web sites the HTC One mini is priced at around £ 379  (about R6099) which is almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which is priced at £ 366 (about R5890).

I enjoyed the HTC One when I reviewed it and I look forward to checking out the HTC One mini when it arrives.

HTC One mini compated to HTC One compared to S4


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