How to get Unlimited Data when traveling!

How to get Unlimited Data when traveling!

Passport, Wallet, Cell Phone.

These are three items each one of us takes whenever we travel. 

Today, it’s almost unimaginable to travel anywhere, let alone internationally, without our phones. 

Not only does the phone allow us to capture stunning photos and videos, but it’s an essential tool that we use in order to navigate, get recommendations of things to do, look up restaurants, and menus say with their QR codes!

A particularly useful feature is Google Translate, not only to understand people but also to work out what road signs say. I mean, can I park here or not?

The Problem:

While it’s all good and well to have WiFi in your hotel, you need data wherever you happened to be traveling to. You never know when you need to make last-minute changes to your plans. The restaurant could be closed, the tour of the Castle could be sold out, or your kids just had enough and want to find something new to do that doesn’t involve MORE walking!

You need your data to make a new plan.

The problem is that when you get to a new country, you really only have a few options:

Option 1: use International Roaming Data. This option is either ridiculously expensive or it is just so slow that it hardly works.

Option 2: you can buy a local SIM card. This is a great option if you are willing to spend 2 hours in a mall finding the cellular provider’s kiosk and are willing to try to explain in a foreign language that you just need a pre-paid SIM card with Data only.

Oh, and good luck trying to top up your data when it is all gone!

I spent 1 hour on the phone with someone who speaks very little English while I was in Italy explaining that there is no way 1 phone could use 1GB of data in 30 minutes…I just gave up.

Option 3: Use an eSIM solution. For me, this is a game-changer and I will never fly to another country without having this set up on my phone before I leave home.

eSIMs are the most underrated bit of cell phone tech that no one talks about. So I have partnered with Holafly, an incredible eSIM provider, to put together a comprehensive guide and help you have Unlimited Data wherever you go!

eSIMS are not complicated, there is a simple process that you need to follow to get set up and once you are done, you will have glorious data in any country you visit!

What is an eSIM?

You know that a SIM is that physical platicy bit that you stick into your phone in order to get connected to your cellular provider.

An eSIM, short for embedded SIM, is a revolutionary technology that eliminates the need for a physical SIM card. 

Instead, an eSIM is software that gets added to your phone much like any other app allowing you to connect to the local cell provider as if you have their physical SIM card inserted into your phone.

eSIMs work with your phone, tablet, or smartwatch making it so convenient to get instant connectivity in the country you are traveling to at a flick of a switch.


Compatible Devices

Before embracing the realm of eSIMs, the first step is to ensure that your device supports this technology. 

Many modern smartphones such as the latest iPhone, Google Pixel phone, and Samsung phone come with eSIM capabilities. 

To check if your phone is eSIM compatible, you can do a Google search for your phone’s specifications. 

You can also just click on this link on the Holafly website, select your phone and model and see if it is compatible.

You are in control

Now that you know that your phone is compatible, the next step is to select the country you are going to, how many days you will be there, and how much data you will need.

If you set your phone to only download updates on WiFi, 1GB of data will last you a very long time as Google searches and even navigation doesn’t use up a lot of data.

Obviously don’t stream YouTube or Spotify as that will eat up more of your data.


Speaking of Control, with Holafly you can get Unlimited Data in more than 130 destinations. In Europe plans even have 60-minute calls for receiving and making calls!

Installing the eSIM

After you made your selection of country, days, and data, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the eSIM to your phone.

This is very simple and while it may vary slightly depending on your device. Here’s a general overview of the steps involved:

  • Step 1: Obtain an eSIM from Holafly. You even get a special discount when you click this link)
  • Step 2: In the email, you will get a QR code. Open that on your computer.
  • Step 3: Go to your phone’s settings and select Network.
  • Step 4: Select the SIM card and click on the Plus button
  • Step 5: Scan the QR code provided by Holafly using your device’s camera. This code contains the necessary details to activate your eSIM.
  • Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 

Don’t activate the eSIM yet. Wait until you land in the country and then activate it.

When you do, the phone will tell ask you if you would like to use the new eSIM for your data.

Once you click on YES and turn on international roaming, it will connect to the local carrier and you will have instant data.

That’s it!

Selecting the Right Carrier

To make the most of your eSIM experience, it’s crucial to choose the carrier and data plans that suit your travel needs. I have tried several other eSIM providers over the years and while some work in certain countries, I haven’t found one that is consistently great until I tried Holafly.

You have to consider the following factors:

Data Packages: Evaluate the data packages offered. You can always start with a 1GB package and then top up as you need or you can use Holafly’s unlimited data and then don’t worry about how much data you are using!

Support:  This is a big one as things go wrong. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to fix an issue when you don’t have data to simply “Google search” a fix. With Holafly there are people that are on standby 24/7 who can help you. Their support team is great and speaks fluent English which is a pleasure to deal with!

I mean check out their Trust Pilot score.

Coverage and speed: Holafly has services in over 162 countries so it’s more than likely that wherever you are traveling to, Holafly has you covered. They also have an insanely fast network!

Utilizing Dual SIM Functionality

With eSIMs, you have the advantage of dual SIM functionality, enabling you to maintain both your home network and a local network simultaneously. This is very important.

Having your home cell phone number active is important because it will allow you to receive WhatsApp messages, and text messages which are important for those OTP passwords that you need to log into various websites.

If you happen to be in Europe, with Holafly, you even get a local number!

By having your home number still active you can still receive calls from back home in case there is some sort of emergency while enjoying affordable local data rates.

Having eSIM means that if you are a frequent traveler, you can easily switch back to your home SIM when you get home and then switch back to the eSIM when you travel again.

So in summary:

Gone are the days of exorbitant roaming charges and connectivity woes when crossing borders. eSIMs revolutionize international roaming by allowing you to switch to a local carrier with ease. Say farewell to unexpected bills and explore your destination without limitations, staying connected every step of the way!

As you embark on your adventures, armed with your trusty eSIM-equipped device, the world becomes your playground. No longer bound by the limitations of traditional SIM cards, you’re free to roam, connect, and share your incredible experiences with the world.

Check out Holafly eSim solutions and never have to worry about not having data wherever your travels take you!

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