An App to measure the perfect bra size without the creep factor

An App to measure your perfect bra size without the creep factor

Every time I listen to Tomi Ahonen , the international James-Bond jetsetter and mobile trend predictor,  there  is one slide that sticks in my head. This year at Mobile Monday in Cape Town, that slide was the mobile app that allows women to find their perfect bra size.

As soon as I tweeted it, the reaction (and rightly so) was as one expects:  creepy, porn, naked images etc.  Jessica Franks sums it up nicely in her two tweet:

An App to measure your perfect bra size without the creep factor

Good questions.  So having investigated a bit further,it seems to all be above board.

The bra measuring app

The company is called ThirdLove and is an online store that sells women’s lingerie. Recognising that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, the company raised $5.6 million in seed money and developed an app that allows women to find their perfect bra size. The measurement process is done in the privacy of the home where NO nakedness is required. The company says that wearing a form fitting top is all that is required.

The app has voice commands that instruction the user where and how to place the phone to snap the required image  at the exact angle. The images are then sent to the company’s secure data server where the images are converted from 2D to 3D so that the company’s algorithm can calculate the accurate bra size. The company assures its users that the data is private and only used internally by the data scientists to work on improving their formulas.

Once the correct measurements are calculated, the app automatically takes the user to the ThirdLove shopping portal where only bras in the user’s right size are shown. Of course the option to buy is there and the purchase is shipped to the home via courier.

New tech or old school ?

The company has seen an opportunity to have a dedicated service to women who are in looking to purchase lingerie. From the comfort and privacy of the shopper’s home, women are able to find their perfect fit without stepping foot in a retail store. Note that the ThirdLove app returns their own sizing of bra therefore making the perfect-fit-size knowledge useless anywhere else except on the ThirdLove system. A clever way not to lose the customer after you do all the measurement work however customers might feel a bit locked in.

Currently there is only an iPhone app which can use it on your iPad too and there are plans to have an Android version soon.

So it seems that the saying “There is an app for that” still holds true.

Would you use this app or do you prefer the old fashion measuring tape method ?

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