How to use BBM and Android together

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I am such a techie it sometimes scares me.

So here is the latest instalment in how to use your Blackberry when roaming internationally without huge data bills.

WARNING: This one is very cheeky

When I moved to the Galaxy Note, the hardest part about leaving my beloved Blackberry was BBM. So resorting to using WhatsApp was a close second but still doesn’t have the BBM feel and not to mention that everyone in my “community” was on BBM – so I was missing out on all the chatter (especially the group chatter).

There has to be a better way. There has to be a way to bridge the world of Android and Blackberry.

So since not software or app exists that marries up WhatsApp and BBM, I decided to try another route. What if there was a way to carry both phones but only one contract. This way, I could still have all the benefits of the Galaxy Note and still have BBM.

Obviously the people at the Vodacom call centre said it was impossible and I needed two contracts. Surprise surprise.

So I found my own way.I got sneaky.

The Galaxy Note has a “portable hotspot” – I enabled that. Made it secure by tapping the “Configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot” option, set it to WPS2 PSK and typed a password on it.

I then took out my Blackberry which has no cellular connection to it. I enabled WiFi and searched for the new hotspot I just created. Found it and connected it  – no problems.

Would this work ?

I hesitatingly clicked on the web browser. It worked. I then opened Twitter and it worked too. I then opened up BBM and it worked too !

Blackberry phones can access the Blackberry services via a wifi. Once they connect, they access the Blackberry cloud and the BBM and Email start to flow. In this case the wifi hotspot happens to be another phone – so what !! Told you it was cheeky Winking smile

So the next step was to add a data bundle onto my Galaxy Note contract so that data is nice and cheap (ok this is South Africa so “cheap” is relative….).

Any downside ?

Not really a downside, but just a word of caution: the Hotspot does put extra strain on the Android phone’s battery. Be aware of it. I leave mine on most of the time however when I see I am running low on juice, I simply tap off the Hotspot mode until I can get to power.

So there you have a cheeky solution of using one system to piggy-back onto another for a happy user experience.


  1. I’ve doing this for over a year and most of my friends have as well. Its a nice little trick works o er homw wifi as well.

    1. Wow i promise i can type. Gotta love autocorrect. Ive been doing this for over a year. It also works over home wifi.

  2. guys is there a way of making the android work via the blackberry. I have the samsung galaxy wifi tab and want to connect it to the data plan on my bb via bluetooth/wifi. Couldnt find a source. kindly help.

  3. Hi. Ive been following your blog for some time and thanks! Its awesome. My friend has a HTC Desire and tried abovementioned without any success. He can browse, but no bbm until he takes out his sim from the andriod and put it in the bb. Are we missing something?

  4. Hi thanks for sharing your experience here, I just bought samsung note and was excited about its portable hotspot feature. My bbm work well when I connect it with my home wifi, when I activated my samsung portable hotspot on, all the internet apps, browser working accept for BBM. What I did is the same as you did in this post, turn portable hotspot on, configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot” option, set it to WPA2 PSK and typed a password on it. Everything working accept the my BBM.

    do you know why is this happen to my phone ?
    is it because of outdated Blackberry os and i need to upgrade it to new version ?

    Im currently using version 5 never upgrade yet.

    Thanks, I hope you have the time to help me out. Cheers 🙂

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