What is the OTG dongle and how do you use it?

What is the OTG dongle and how do you use it?

Look inside you the cell phone box that you got with your phone and you should find a little dongle. This is the On The Go dongle (OTG) and it has so many uses.

Don’t know what to do with it? No problem – let me show you some cool productivity hacks as well as fun ways to use it!

Connecting a Flash Drive

Typically, we would connect our phones via the cable to our computer just to copy a file. With the OTG dongle you can simply connect your flash drive directly into your phone. Instantly you have access to your files and media on the flash drive which you will be able to open, modify, and even copy files between your flash drive and your phone and visa versa. 


Who says you can only play games on your console? With Samsung’s OTG, you can connect a gaming controller to your Android phone. Using a controller will make gaming a lot more fun. It certainly beats clumsily using the on-screen buttons.

Just note, that not all mobile games are compatible with the PS4 controller – so check each game’s setting for a “game pad” or “an external controller” option.

Pump up the sound

Now that you are gaming away with your controller connected to your phone, why not get the overall gaming and movie experience by connecting your USB headphone into your phone too. Yes, you can use the headphone jack, but we know those USB gaming headsets are amazing and now you can use them on your phone too.


The phone is more of a computer than a “phone”. Therefore why not extend its capabilities and connect a mouse and keyboard to it?

with the OTG dongle, you can connect a USB mouse which allows you to click and drag and do that mouse-y stuff as you would on your computer. Attach a Bluetooth keyboard to your phone too, and now you have a working computer where you can really get work done.

If you really have a need for speed or need to access the company’s server but the WiFi is restricted, then just connect the LAN to USB dongle into the OTG and your phone is now on the network!

Podcast on the go

Usually, I record my Podcast while in the studio. However, when I get the opportunity to record at an event, I still want that amazing audio. This is where I pull out the FOX mic from Beyerdynamic and plug that into my OTG dongle. The phone recognizes it as an “external mic” and my audio is a bazillion times better.

This is great for Skype/ Zoom calls for those remote workers too.

Switching and charging phones

You can connect your Galaxy S10 to another Android phone or another iPhone using the OTG. In doing so, you can charge the other phone via the normal USB cable. 

If you want to switch phones, just launch the Smart Switch feature and you can transfer your data, apps, and accounts from one phone to the other with the click of a button.

This can save lots of time if you’re upgrading to a new phone. Instead of having to manually set up all your accounts and transfer all the images, music, and files, Smart Switch will do it for you. Connect your old phone to your new Galaxy S10 and Smart Switch will take care of the rest.

So in summary

Samsung’s OTG dongle opens a world of opportunities. Make sure you don’t just leave this little guy in the box, but throw him in your bag – you never know when you will find a use for it!

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev is an award-winning tech blogger, YouTube strategist, and Podcaster. He helps brands tell their stories in an engaging way that non-techies can relate to. He also drinks way too much coffee! @Liron_Segev on Twitter