Why is everyone flocking to Rainbow Vomit and so should you!

Why is everyone flocking to Rainbow Vomit and so should you!

Its all about that perfect Instagram pic. The superb shot that sets you apart and for that to happen you need to have an awesome location to snap your masterpiece. If you live in Dallas, Rainbow Vomit is exactly where you should be heading to!

In Parry Avenue, near Fair Park is where you will find the building – you can not miss it. It looks like a scene from a comic book. I mean there is a polka-dot suit-wearing Unicorn!

So what is Rainbow Vomit all about?

While waiting for your scheduled time, you are seated in a large black and white room that contains various props. Perfectly placed artifacts begin your transformation into a new comic reality.

There are Instagram opportunities at every spot and you will instinctively reach for your phone. Yes, even mom and dad were doing the duck-face silly poses as teens rolled their eyes and did their own thing…

After a short briefing,  you are left to explore the rest of the building at your leisure. Walking from room to room, you soon realize you are part of an immersive art exhibit. You are not only allowed to touch but are encouraged to interact with the everything as you set up scene after scene to snap your pics.

Each segment of the art is lit up perfectly with ring-lights to ensure that each press of the button produces ridiculously amazing shots. Content for months!

“Yes it about Instagram opportunities, but its also time to put your phone down as you begin to discover,” says Deanna Theis, lead creator, and artist at Rainbow Vomit.

And that is the aim.

Experience director Rob Andrews confirms that “Its something completely different to a museum or an art gallery. You can interact with entire walls and make your own comic scenes – the only limitation is your imagination.”

Originally Deanna was conceptualizing a “selfie studio” but she quickly realized that it needed to be more than that. When she shared her concept with Rob he remarked that it looks like Rainbow Vomit and the name stuck. “Rainbow Vomit just allows us to do crazy stuff and bring a lot of different styles into space,” says Rob.

The entire project took months of hard word by Vomiteers who are artists in their own right. Each contributed according to their skills to bring the space to life. From lights to sounds, to clouds, things that open and shut upsidedown and everything in between. All make the place magical.

Who should visit Rainbow Vomit?

While it is an art exhibit, Rainbow Vomit is a place for everyone. Families with kids, teenagers, couples on a date night and even granny. “We want adults to rediscover what it’s like to be a kid again,” said Deanna “we have so many stories, but when a 70-year-old lady said she felt like she was 5 years old, that was a highlight.”

Rob says that “Part of the charm of Rainbow Vomit is its meaning that you need to discover for yourself in the exploration of the exhibit. You need to find the secrets.”

What goes on at Rainbow Vomit stays at Rainbow Vomit.

I don’t want to spoil it or give anything away, just suffice to say that getting hands-on with everything is advisable. Pull, push, lift, look in, look under and just explore.

It’s amazing how quickly the little kid in you re-emerges!

So in summary

Having toured and uncovered the various mysteries of Rainbow Vomit, I am still unsure how to categorize it.

It’s an art exhibit. It’s interactive. It’s about discovery. It’s about snapping pics but then its about putting down the phone and being in the moment. Yes. I know this is a wishy-washy answer, but there really isn’t an explanation.

Rainbow Vomit is more of a feeling than a thing. You just have to experience it for yourself.

Important info: Open Wednesday – Sunday from 11:30 am – 9:30pm. You do need to book for a specific time and each experience lasts an hour. Ticket start at $15 and can be purchased here.

One more tip: Ensure you arrive just before your time slot. You really should bring a fully charged phone too!

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