How to upload images to Instagram from desktop

How to upload images to Instagram from desktop

We love Instagram. You snap some a cool photo with your phone, upload the image into the Instagram app, play with some filters, add a caption and watch those hearts flood in.

While Instagram does offer some photo editing capability, when you require more advanced editing options or when shooting with a DSLR, you have to transfer your images to your computer from your phone or from your DSLR, edit the images in Photoshop or Lightroom and then transfer the image back onto your phone to upload to Instagram. A bit of a mission…

We tend to forget that Microsoft does have its own app store which is accessible from Windows phones and from Windows 10 operating systems on desktops and laptops.

I was browsing through the Windows App Store and saw an Instagram app that happened next will shock you!!  [note the click-bait-exaggeration for dramatic effect.]

Instagram app in windows 10Instagram app in windows 10 to download

My expectations were that the app will allow me to view my profile, just like I can when I go over to

When I logged into the app, I discovered that you can use the app as you would on your phone. You can even upload images from your desktop!

Here is what you do to upload images to Instagram from your desktop:

    1. Install the Instagram App on your windows machine
    2. Launch the Instagram app and log in.
    3. you will be able to see your profile, time line, and even Instagram Stories.
    4. ensure that you save your image into the Camera Roll Folder on your desktop. There is no “Browse Folders” option therefore only images in the Camera Roll folder will be visible and available to be uploaded.
      Instagram app in windows 10 file
    5. To upload an app, click on the PLUS sign at the bottom of the app screen and choose an image to be uploaded.
    6. Select the image you wish to upload and click on Next
      Instagram upload pic
    7. Play with the Edit and Filter and click Next when you are done.
      Instagram from desktop
    8. Add your caption, tag people, add hashtags, share it to social media – all as you would do from your phone. Click Next when done, your image will be uploaded!
      Instagram upload

That’s it!

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