Netflix wears magenta with the T-Mobile Netflix On Us Deal

Netflix wears magenta with the T-Mobile Netflix On Us Deal

Tech news happens daily, but just like the eclipse, sometimes two tech companies come together and create a beautiful scene worth noting.

Today was just one of those days as T-Mobile announces the Netflix On Us deal. This got my attention as both a T-Mobile and a Netflix customer.


So what’s the deal with the Netflix On Us Deal?

Like the rest of T-Mobile, this deal is straight forward. If you have two or more T-Mobile ONE family plan lines, they will pay for your Netflix account. So essentially for $40 per month per line (including the monthly fees and taxes), you get access to LTE data, being connected while abroad, free text and 1-hour data while on a flight, and talk and text. You will now also get a $9.90 credit to pay for your Netflix account.

Usually, these deals are offered to new customers only, but not with T-Mobile. If you are an existing customer you can simply opt in for this deal (and why wouldn’t you??). All you need to do is use the usual T-Mobile channels and ask to be added. I use the mobile app, but you can use the website or the customer care line.

What do you actually get with the Netflix On Us T-Mobile Deal?

You will get the Netflix “Standard  Plan” which is valued at $9.99 per month. With this account, you can stream Netflix content such as movies and TV shows on 2 devices at the same time. The stream will be in HD quality while on WiFi and 480p while on the cellular network.

If you have the T-Mobile One Plus Plan, which is costs $10 extra per month per line, then you also get HD while on the cellular network along with additional unlimited services of this plan.

If like me you have 4 people in the family and you would like to prevent a family-war then you NEED to have Netflix on all 4 devices. Netflix has that option in the “Premium Plan” which costs $11.99. In this case, T-Mobile will pay Netflix and the difference in cost (the $2)  will be charged to your normal T-Mobile account.

So for $2 per month, you get 4 devices to binge watch and everyone in the family get’s access at the same time.

Whats the catch?

There is none. The deal can obviously change at any time and there are no refunds. If you cancel your Netflix subscription mid month, you will be charged for that entire month but you will have access until that time lapses.

When does Netflix On US start?

The starting date for this offer is September 12th. Note: you will not automatically be added to this deal unless you specifically request it.

So in Summary:

This is an amazing deal which has been made possible due to the underlying network that carries this high-intensity traffic. If you look at the T-Mobile LTE coverage in 2014 (image on the left) vs. the T-Mobile LTE coverage in 2017 (image on the right), you can clearly see that the #Uncarrier is laser focused on delivering high bandwidth, instant gratification to their customers.

Be it for work or entertainment, T-Mobile understands the need for on-the-go high bandwidth connectivity. We just want to be connected and for that, you need a high-speed network.  Something that T-Mobile is constantly adding and improving throughout the country.

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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