This is why the Fitbit Alta HR gets you moving

This is why the Fitbit Alta HR gets you moving

As this joke goes…

It is 2017 and there is a huge spotlight on overall well-being. Both of body and mind. There are plenty of tech gadgets to help us be fitter but can help get us off that couch? We were sent the Fitbit Alta HR to play with and this became an ideal opportunity to see if Matthew would leave his office chair where he is frequently found editing his photographs and get moving….This is his report:

These days, when you eat out with your friends, chances are they are more conscious about what they eat and drink. Now more than ever. When watching TV, chatting with friends, or just generally going on with life, eventually you have the self-realization that you need to become fitter.

It’s the technology age so of course there is a gadget to help you along the way so I wanted to put the latest fitness, the Fitbit Alta HR,  gadget through its paces.

About the Fitbit Alta HR

The Alta HR fits the up-and-go person who doesn’t want anything crazy like an apple watch, yet wants to take their health seriously. The nifty interface means you can track your steps, check how far you have walked and how far you need to go by setting goals. It has the option to check your pulse and heart rate too so you can see when you hit that critical fat-burning-hardcore-workout that your body needs – all without wearing extra chest-straps!

If you are not a fitness fanatic like me, having a gadget paired with an app adds for extra motivation. The Alta HR reminds you to wake up and get the blood flowing, pushes you to walk more to get your 10 000 steps in. Pairing it to the app allows incredible customization and now, thanks to its new interface, the Fitbit will update you on texts and calls once synced to your smartphone.

You can add your food and water intake and that, coupled with the data from the watch, can tell you what you should and shouldn’t do to shed that weight.

But does it work?

Now more than ever we have no excuse to be fitter and healthier and thanks to apps and devices like this we can actively be accountable. As for someone who has just got into being fitter the Alta HR fits my life perfectly. I like that it is small and lightweight making it compact and non-intrusive.

I noticed that after only a few days I started to be more proactive to meet my daily goals. So yes. If you are the kind of person who knows that they need to be more active, this little guy will give you that push that you need to walk a little further and take some extra steps.

If you are in the market for an easy-to-use but nifty fitness tracker  – the Fitbit Alta HR is for you, and with prices being reasonable you get a lot of tech.

Oh and when you do get into Crossfit…just don’t be “that” guy/girl 😉



Note: the Fitbit Alta HR was sent to us for review and was returned when we were done. As usual, all opinions here are our own.

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