5 Android apps you DON’T have on your Galaxy S9/S10 but should

5 Android apps you DON’T have on your Galaxy S9/S10 but should

We all have the typical apps like Facebook, Twitter, on Instagram on our Android phones, but there are many other apps that are worth exploring.

Let me show you 5 apps you’re missing out on your Android phone and should download to make your Android experience even more fun and productive.

Here are the best Android apps you should have

Universal Copy

You can’t copy and paste everything on your phone. For example, if you go to the Play Store and try to copy the name of an app, it won’t let you. However, when you install Universal Copy you’ll be able to copy any bit of text no matter where it is on your phone. Be it an Instagram caption, an app name, and any text that is typically locked away from your copy ability.

To use the app is simple. When you see the text you want to copy, pull down your notification bar and select Universal Copy. It’ll make copying anything possible. It basically transcribes anything it sees into text!


Having trouble with the reach of your WiFi network? Just download Anyfi and you’ll be able to use one phone as a repeater to extend the network for another phone.

You’ll need to download the app on both phones so that they can be connected to each other and share the WiFi. It’s a great way to transmit WiFi to your roommate or family member when the connection isn’t strong enough in the room they happen to be in.

5 best Android apps - Universal Copy

Files by Google

Files by Google is a swiss-army-knife and does a couple of things. First of all, it can clean up space on your phone. Secondly and as the name implies, it lets you manage your files. Finally, you can use it to share files between different phones even without an Internet connection.

It is made by Google, and they know a thing or two about searches and file sharing!

5 best Android apps - Files by google

Zyl Memories

Zyl Memories is definitely the cutest app on the list and one I find to be absolutely adorable.

After downloading the app you can connect it to your cloud as well as social media accounts. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and others.

What the app does is that it’ll randomly select an image or video from one of these accounts and show it to you each day.

It’s like taking a walk down memory lane.

Each day the app will show you a single notification of the image, video, or even GIF. A blast from the past!

You can then share that image or edit it if you want. It’s a lovely app that can bring up sweet old memories and show you how precious time really is.

5 best Android apps - Zyl Memories

Adobe Spark Post

Jealous of how some people have really cool social media feeds with interesting pictures? With Adobe Spark Post you can upload these pictures and wallpapers too.

The app will show you lots of designs and cool images that you can download and use in your Instagram post, Facebook, Pinterest. Adobe Spark will resize the image to fit the selected social network so you will always have the perfect image.

Beyond using the predefined images, you can create your own masterpieces by selecting from curated images, choosing a template, adding your own text and in seconds you have a professional looking image ready to post.

5 best Android apps - adobe spark post

So in summary

Android has lots of cool and fun apps apart from the usual suspects. These 5 are just some to get you started. If you find any other interesting apps, let us know and share the fun!

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