Everything you need to know about Google Stadia but were too afraid to ask – Q&A Roundup

Google Stadia is here. Almost. But there are so many questions about the service, how does it work, what games can you play, what equipmetnt you need and how fast […]

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Google io 2019 what to expect

What to expect at Google I/O 2019

Google’s I/O 2019 developer conference is about to happen in about a day or so and I for one, am really excited for Google’s new hardware as well as software […]

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New Chrome Extensions in 2019

8 must-have Chrome extensions in 2019

Our web browser is not just a simple way to “browse” the internet. Those days a long gone. Today’s web browser is an integral part of our daily lives and […]

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Google Drive Tips and Tricks in 2018

20 tips on how to you use Google Drive for more than just file storage

When you think of Google Drive, most people just use it as a service to store their files. It’s convenient, drag-and-drop files in there, and as if by magic, the […]

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How to get $500 off the price of the Google Pixel 2 – Limited Offer

Every year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we await to see this year’s new phone and in 2018 we weren’t disappointed. Some of the more noteable phones were the […]

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Is it worth buying the Google Home Mini

Is it worth buying the Google Home Mini Smart Speaker Home Assistant Thingie?

Let’s talk about these Home Assistants or Virtual assistant or Smart Speakers or whatever they are called…I just want to know if they are useful or yet just another geeky […]

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Revealed: The languages that Google Pixel Buds translates and what is required to use the Pixel Buds effectively

The earbuds have been that one accessory that has been bundled with virtually every smartphone. Originally, these were used for hands-free chatting which was pre the Bluetooth-Dad-Style earpieces. The earbuds […]

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Dude where’s my car? Google has the answer to find your parked car

Has this ever happened to you? You arrive at a shopping mall, park your car, walk in, meet your friends for lunch, grab a couple of essential items and then, […]

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