Powerful Chrome Extensions I Bet You Don’t Know About

Powerful Chrome Extensions I Bet You Don’t Know About

When Chrome Extensions joined us in our browsing adventures, they seemed like a catch-all for everything the browser didn’t offer. From adding volume sliders to music webpages to getting hotlinks to download a video. 

But let’s be honest, extensions aren’t the most exciting thing. They usually work as shortcuts to companies’ websites, or they are little utilities that are fun and charming but still take up chunks of memory which begs the question – are Chrome Extensions actually useful?

Well – actually yes, you just need to select the right ones.

So here are some powerful extensions I bet you didn’t know about: 

INSSIST Instagram Client

Do you even use Instagram on your computer’s web browser?

If so, you can probably related to this big pet peeve: you can’t upload pictures from your PC!

INSSIST, a Web Client for Instagram, lets you do exactly that.

With INSSIST, you can work on your browser as if you were on your phone — and update your feed, upload pictures, create a carousel, write down your hashtags, and access other advanced features. 

It’s all for free, and there is a paid-for PRO version if you want to unlock even more features

I don’t care about cookies

Since GDPR came into being, it seems like every single website we visit has this pop-up question about cookies. Even though we should not never blindly accept all cookies, most of the time we simply click on YES anyways.

If that is you, then you will love this extension literally called I don’t care about cookies.

As per the developer’s website, “in most cases, it will just hide the pop-up notification. But, if cookies are necessary for the site to work, it will accept them all for you — but you won’t even notice it.”

Link to Text Fragment

When you do a Google search and click on a result, the webpage will have a section highlighted in yellow which is the precise answer to the search you just made.

This is convenient as you just skip all the blah blah on the page and just focus on the text that is important to you.

What if you could do the same? What if you could find bits on a webpage and could share a link to that web WITH the highlighted text?

Well, now you can.

Google LLC released Link to Text, an extension that allows you to do that. You can find any text, on any webpage. and when you share that with another person, they will be able to click on that link and be taken directly to the site straight-to-the-point highlighted text.


If you work with many open tabs simultaneously but don’t enjoy tab clutter, you’ll love OneTab.

OneTab allows you to create group tabs that you can open recurrently. It also allows you to save your tabs before closing Chrome to complete tasks such as rebooting your computer.

OneTab will allow you to get back to those tabs that you were using before rebooting. This is a big win for anyone who has experienced an unexpected shutdown and losing all the open tabs you were busy with.

OneTab allows you to group tabs groups that automatically open up all the links inside the groups. For example, you could create a “My Socials” group. When you click on that, it will launch all your social media pages.

Similar Pages

When you do a general search in google, you’ll usually click on a result, and, if it doesn’t provide the info you expected, go back to the search page again.

Similar Pages allows you to search your query, open up the result you want, and then, from the very same webpage you’re reading now, get other similar pages.

This means you won’t have to leave the webpage you just clicked on — nor go back and forth between the Google results page and the actual info you’re looking for.

Similar Pages is surprisingly helpful when you’re researching a specific topic!

So, in summary:

Chrome Extensions are not just more clutter if you select the right ones. They can boost your productivity and even help you structure your browser life.

Now that you have your new shiny Chrome Extensions installed, check out these  handy Chrome tricks you should know

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