Google Bard vs ChatGPT – which is better?

Google Bard vs ChatGPT – which is better?

You can hardly open up any social media these days without seeing something about AI (Artificial Intelligence).

While ChatGPT has been all the rage, companies like Microsoft and Google have stepped up their game and launched their own chatbot AI platforms.

I was fortunate enough to get early access to Google’s chatbot AI system: Bard.

Bard is a conversational chatbot AI (ie. their answer to ChatGPT) and has some serious potential even in this early stage.

So let’s test the difference between the two platforms and see if we give the same prompts to both Bard and to ChatGPT, how will they respond.

Test 1: Bard vs ChatGPT – Problem-Solving

Let’s start with a bit of a “fix my problem” calculation with this prompt I gave both systems:

Bard vs ChatGPT - schedule

Bard automatically creates 3 drafts for everything you ask it to do.

In Draft 1, it missed the critical point of WHEN the video goes live and therefore the entire schedule was incorrect.

But in the second and third Drafts, it got it correct and Bard was kind enough to give me Friday off!

Now it’s ChatGP’s turn with the same prompt. Since it doesn’t have “Drafts”, I asked it to regenerate responses three times.

While I didn’t get the day off on Friday, the options felt more refined.

Test 2: Bard vs ChatGPT – Accessing the web

An important difference between ChatGPT and Google’s Bard is that Bard can access the web. Therefore, this presents some great real-time opportunities for situations that need updated information.

For example, I asked both AI systems to help with traffic in Dallas based on the weather.

This is Bard’s response:


and this is ChatGPT’s response:

I then asked Bard to summarise a video on my YouTube channel and Bard replied with this summary.

Unfortunately, it was not a summary of the video, but a summary of the advert that is played before the video!

I asked ChatGPT to do the same thing and this was ChatGPT’s response:

Test 3: Bard vs ChatGPT Security

A great area of concern is when hackers and scammers use AI for evil. Hackers can ask these systems to create malware and even draft phishing emails as I have shown in this video:
It seems like both Bard and ChatGPT have tightened up their security so when I asked these systems to write a Phishing text message, this is what I received:

So in summary:

It is still early days for Bard. As more people get access to it, and provide more feedback, it will provide better results.
Currently, to get access to Bard you have to get onto the waiting list at:
This is a smart move by Google as not only does it stagger the influx of new users so the system can scale, but it also creates word-of-mouth as people post on social media that they are waiting for access to be granted.
I will provide more info beyond “first impressions” as I continue to use these systems. So far I am the value of AI!

ps. and just for fun, I asked both platforms what they think of this blog post.

Bard said:

While ChatGPT said:


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