How to kick someone off your WiFi!

How to kick someone off your WiFi!

Something doesn’t feel right. The entire WiFi network is lagging, everything takes forever to do, and you can forget about streaming Netflix or YouTube. What’s going on???

This frustration is common. You have tried to troubleshoot your network with this guide, but do you really know WHAT and WHO is connected to your WiFi? Do you recognize every device and every person? If not, someone might have hijacked your network and is abusing your bandwidth. It’s time to kick them off and get your WiFi speed back!

What happens if you have lots of Internet speed, should you still care?

Absolutely! Even if you have plenty of bandwidth, this is a good test to run every once in a while for your safety. When someone gets into your WiFi, they are not only able to spy on what you are doing, but are able to use your WiFi and internet connection for their own illegal activities. All of which, will be traced back to you!

How do I kick someone off my WiFi?

Kicking someone off your WiFi is done in two steps:

  • Step 1 is identifying who and what is connected to your WiFi so you can make sure they are legitimate. You are looking for anything that should not be there with the help of a WiFi Analyser.
  • Step 2 is actually blocking those dodgy devices so they are not able to come back even if they have your WiFi’s password.

Here is what you need to know:

As I mention in the video, I use FING but you can use any WiFi Analyser. You will also need to know how to access your own Router’s settings which you can find here:

For more info on how to secure your WiFi, check this out so you don’t leave any opportunity for these dodgy people to come back!



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