Tesla launched an epic CyberTruck Bulletproof shirt

Tesla launched an epic CyberTruck Bulletproof shirt

What do you think happens when a CEO does a live public demonstration in front of the world’s press and something goes horribly wrong on stage? Heads would roll!

It would be a PR nightmare as the savage meme-creating sarcastic people of Twitter do their thing waiting for the public execution of the intern.

You might recall that after Elon Musk unveiled the CyberTruck, part of the demonstration was showing its tough windows. Franz threw a steel ball at the window but the window broke. TWICE.

If that happened at an ordinary company, someone would be fired before the CEO got off stage. But Tesla is nothing near an “ordinary company.”

Instead of running away from the incident, Tesla has embraced it as Elon tweeted this:

In fact, it was so well handled that “it was done on purpose to be viral on social media” conspiracy theories spread!

So Tesla has upped the game one more time by releasing a CyberTruck Bulletproof Tshirt! I was on the Tesla site and stumbled onto this gem. An awesome design that isn’t kitch (that might be a South African word for lame).

I love how Tesla isn’t afraid. It knows its audience so well and is just embracing Internet and social media culture in a way that resonates. Besides, who doesn’t like epic merch? Well done boet. Well played.

If you want your own shirt, head over to Tesla.com shop here

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