How to Instantly Improve Your PS4 Wifi Connection Speed [Updated 2022]

How to Instantly Improve Your PS4 Wifi Connection Speed [Updated 2022]

When you play online games with your PS4, you want a nice fast internet connection. If you don’t and your internet is slow and laggy than your gaming experience will be horrible. Odds are pretty good that your character in the game isn’t able to keep up with the ever-changing scenes and you land up being killed. A lot. Eventually, your online playing friends will simply leave you behind as it becomes impossible to keep a team going on Warzone Battleground!

So how can you fix your PS4’s slow internet and boost its speed?

There are several methods you can try without spending any money at all! In fact, if you want to also stop the buffering, there is a video at the end of this post too!

Method 1: Boost your PS4 internet with DNS:

When you download a game, you want to be able to look up the name of the server hosting your game as quickly as possible. This is done via a service called DNS. Think of it like your phone’s contacts. You don’t know everyone’s telephone number, so you look up their name and it tells you what their telephone number is. Same thing with websites.

The quickest change is to change the DNS. You do this by following these steps:

  1. Log into your PS4
  2. Head up to Settings
  3. Find the Network settings
  4. Choose WiFi (ideally select LAN if you have a wired connection)
  5. Select CUSTOM
  6. Connect to your home WiFi
  7. Select automatic settings until you see the DNS screen.
  8. Choose Manual and enter as your Primary DNS and as your Secondary DNS which is CloudFlare’s DNS. If this doesn’t increase your speed, you can also try to enter Google’s DNS which is: for the Primary DNS and for the Secondary DNS.

Here is the info about CloudFlare’s NEW Family DNS too:


Method 2: PS4 Port Forwarding

When you play a game, it uses various “ports” to send the info to your PS4 and your PS4 responds by sending the gaming server info on specific ports. Think of these as dedicated lanes on the freeway that are for a specific game. Since there is no other traffic in that lane except for the game, then the gameplay is much smoother and lag is dramatically reduced.

Simply follow the steps in this guide to set up the PS4 Port Forwarding

You can also watch this video about Port Forwarding:

Method 3: Troubleshoot your Network WiFi Speed

Before you call your ISP and tell them what you think of their terrible Internet speed, you need to make sure that they are indeed at fault. In most cases I have seen, the cause for the slow Wifi is actually something that can easily be solvable by troubleshooting your own WiFi network.

To troubleshoot your network all you need to do is use the process of elimination until you can identify the area that is at fault.


Method 4: SEE your WiFi Signals

This is pretty epic – if you can actually see your WiFi signal strength at every location, you know where you have strong and weak signals. You could reposition your router, move your PlayStation for that PS4 Internet speed, or add a booster to cover that area!

How can you see the Wifi Signal? – here is how:

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16 thoughts on “How to Instantly Improve Your PS4 Wifi Connection Speed [Updated 2022]

  1. yes and no.
    Yes – if your current ISP DNS is horrible, then you need to change it.
    No – its not about getting an IP address as that happens once, but its about the latency.
    During online gaming your PS4 is constantly sending and receiving info from the gaming server. If there is a large lag/ high latency/ slow internet connection then your character in the game isn’t sending or receiving info fast enough. Effectivly means you aren’t “keeping up”. By changing the DNS, you are effectively testing DNS that have less hops which means its quicker.
    Also it absolutely depends on where in the world you are, how many hops away from the server, how quick your bandwidth is, any throttling on your line, what other activity is currently happening on your network etc.
    But as you can see in the test, just by changing the DNS, my download speed gets faster.

  2. My recent ISP DNS is super horribly slow. I tried it all but nothing helped. I am a crazy fanatic person when it comes to Call of Duty but playing with 100 ping rate is one horrible experience especially when it touches it during the middle of the game. I have tried it all, but nothing really helped me as such. Previously I used to follow this method, let me know if it’s okay too but it’s helpful anymore. Most of the time my PS4 Pro won’t identity my Wireless Network. I do following steps: 1)Go to Modem admin section. Mine address is: 2) Go to Security Now 1) Change your Network SSID name and restart router 2) Enable or Disable Encryption 3) Remove Password of your wifi by selecting option ‘Open’. By doing any of the above steps my PS4 Pro always recognizes my Wifi Connection, but hardly I feel my latency issue getting fit. Maybe, I should change my internet provider here in USA. Can anyone give a strong lead to me please?

  3. May the problem is with your ISP. Normally the ISPs use shared bandwidth model and no wonder you are facing such high PING issue. May I know which one is your current provider?

  4. Aah! This is actually seriously disturbing. I am trying to get it changed now. My recent one is just a local company in my area but I guess it’s high time now. Anyway, any good leads guys?

  5. Obviously, testing your ping is most important. So check ping, net speed, etc reboot router/modem if necessary.

    But changing the DNS server to Cloudflare or Google, etc will often result in a more solid feeling net connection by making faster DNS requests. ISPs are often heavily used for DNS requests as most internet users use default DNS, so lessening this burden can help your overall internet experience while often improving privacy.

    Just a lightly used cellphone alone can make tens of thousands of DNS requests (try installing Quad9 app on your cellphone and check the queries after just a few days). There likely are more DNS requests in online gaming than people realize. Optimizing everything possible is important if you want to have the competitive edge.

  6. Funny enough this worked I don’t know how but it did I’ve been losing my mind for 3 years and now this just fixed the issue honestly thanks

  7. yes. i change my dns from and to your dns. and guess what, i got 180mbps from 80 to 90mbps. my total speed is 500mbps. so it works hahaha. thank a lot.

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