Why mobile gaming is so popular

Why mobile gaming is so popular

Over the weekend, I bought a new game for my PlaySation4. I was excited to get playing so I stuck the disc in and then was greeted with a 45GB Update Download! No matter how fast my PS4 WiFi is, this HAS to download and there was nothing I could do.

It’s times like these when I really appreciate how far mobile gaming has come over the years. In fact, the global gaming market has investors lining up to take a slice of the $69 billion mobile gaming market. 

Having a look at how far the mobile tech sector has come, it is no surprise that gaming has evolved into a global business.

Why are games so popular on your cell phone?

Gaming is for everyone

Regardless if you are a typical “gamer” or not, there is something for you in your App Store.

There are various categories of mobile gaming. There are those “time-wasters” which are the type of games you play to kill time as you wait in line at the grocery store or at the doctor’s waiting room.

There are action games that are extremely popular especially with gamers who typically play on PC or Gaming Consoles such as the Xbox or PlayStation. Games like Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG and Fortnite are all popular examples of these.

Even the online gambling style apps have seen a dramatic increase in usage; especially since the global pandemic began. By downloading apps, players can access their casino games at their own convenience without stepping foot inside the casino. Blackjack is a popular favourite among players who can enjoy the game from home and still have the social element of being seated at the table.

Mobile is convenient

You can access your games from anywhere and at any time. Any progress you make in the games is saved so you can pick up from where you left off which is great to get in a quick game-play in between daily activities.

This is also helpful when changing phones and your progress is automatically transferred to your new device so you don’t have to start from the beginning.

Discovery and Distribution

The distribution and discovery of new games is convenient. Simply head to the app store, tap on games, and games are categorized by genre, price or popularity. Once you select a game to try  it is downloaded to your phone within a couple of minutes.

Mobile tech is advanced

We have come a long way since the Nokia Snake game. Over the last decade, phones have become computers with GPU and faster processors and RAM which means that game-developers can really take advantage of this mobile platform.

So in summary:

Playing on mobile is the most convenient and accessible way of playing digital games. As the technology and choice of games continue to develop, and our lives get more hectic, mobile gaming will continue to be a popular and enjoyable form of entertainment for many.

Now add Augmented Reality and a Virtual Reality headset to your phone and those devices become portable power-houses….but don’t forget to keep those batteries charged!

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