Voice Recording and sharing PDF are part of the latest WhatsApp update

WhatsApp is once again expanding its offering beyond simple text messages between friends with its latest software update version 2.12.150.  In the latest update, beyond sharing of photos, WhatsApp has enhanced two more sharing capabilities: Document sharing and Voice Recording Notes.

How to share Documents on WhatsApp?

To send a document, open an active conversation, select  Attachment (Paperclip) and select Document . WhatsApp opens the Document folder on your phone and  lists  all the PDF files that are available. On the iPhone, it seems that you can select files from online storage platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive however this is not yet available for Android.

Once you select the document you would like to send WhatsApp will ask you to confirm before sharing it.

The receiving party will see the document as part of the WhatsApp conversation and can view the PDF by simply tapping on the document. Along with the file, there will also be a preview of the PDF.

Voice Recording and sharing PDF are part of the latest WhatsApp update

At the moment it would seem as if only PDF files can be sent, however it is expected that other format of files will be share-able too.

If you try to send a document to someone who has not yet updated to the latest version of WhatsApp, you will receive this message on your screen:

Voice Recording and sharing PDF are part of the latest WhatsApp update


Sound Recorder updated too

Sending voice-notes is also enhanced. You can still hold down on the microphone and record your voice note alternatively you can tap on the Attachment button, select Audio, and then select Record with WhatsApp.

The advantage of sending voice note this way is that you don’t have to keep your finger pressed on the microphone to record and the voice note does NOT automatically send. WhatsApp will wait for you to press the send or Cancel button. You can also hear your voice note before you send and choose if you would like to re-record it.

Voice Recording and sharing PDF are part of the latest WhatsApp update

Important to note:

  1. Storage: All files received photos, voice notes, PDF files are all stored locally on your phone and this could mean that you can run out of storage space.
  2. Security: If you are worried about information leaking out of your business (think confidential info), this is one more element you need to address.
  3. Spam: now that its easier to send documents,  along with the preview of the document, we could be seeing spammers get in on the action and start to send brochures.
  4. WhatsApp Web: If you use WhatsApp via the Web, this document sharing is not available yet and any document you receive can not be viewed via the browser. However, voice notes can be played back via the web browser.

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