87 percent say they never buy anything they saw on SnapChat so whats the big SnapChat deal ?

87 percent say they never buy anything they saw on SnapChat so whats the big SnapChat deal ?

Are you on SnapChat ?

This question seems to be more common these days as SnapChat is becoming one of the hottest platforms to be on. Originally built for people who wanted to send (questionable?) pics to each other knowing that each image has a life span of several seconds and can only be viewed once. Based on this alone – SnapChat had zero value for me and the same zero value for brands.

However, fast forward and SnapChat has Video and is now grown up. Yes you can still doodle on your images and apply rainbow vomiting filters but now SnapChatters can build 15 second video clips into a Story. This story lives for 24 hours before being removed from SnapChat. However, there is an option to save the masterpiece so that you can upload it to another social media platform so it can be immortalised.

I am still not convinced.

Therefore to get more info and educate myself, I got a hold of Brett Magill who is a South African SnapChatter and self confessed Social Media Junkie to find out about the ins and out of SnapChat. Watch the Facebook live-stream of the conversation and see how he convinces me to use SnapChat (or you can download the Podcast interview too)

 So should Brands be on SnapChat ?

The answer is depends. Its the same question and answer for every social network. If you want to be on that platform there has to be a reason – a goal. Currently SnapChatters are using the platform to explore and follow their friends not brands. They want real info from real life not filtered well executed video ads.

NewsCred surveyed SnapChatters to see how the use the app and discovered that its not looking good for Brands:

  • 54% say they use it daily
  • Most used are NOT engaging with brands on SnapChat
  • 87% say they NEVER buy something they saw on SnapChat
  • 64% say they don’t follow celebrities

So if this is the case, then how should brands look at SnapChat ?

87 percent say they never buy anything they saw on SnapChat so whats the big SnapChat deal ?

Brands should be using SnapChat but not necessarily in their own personal capacity. Brands who open a SnapChat account and look for massive following are going to be sorely disappointed.

So how do brands use SnapChat without being on it? This is done by engaging with influencers who have an existing audience. The Influencer on SnapChat is like an Influencer on any other platform – a gateway to the audience in an authentic way.  Influencers know their audience and how to engage with them in a way that resonates. Brand that are too dictatorial about their message will result in the audience calling it out as “FAKE”. However, when a brand and an influencer co-create a story or a message, this is much more acceptable and audience responds well.

So am I a Snapchatter ?

I am not convinced…yet.

As a broadcaster of information, I prefer a platform where I have more time to show, comment, discuss ideas rather than be limited to 15 seconds bits which are spliced together somewhat incoherently.

However, I do see the idea of having a Snap of my life shown so this could be a tool I could use to augment my other social media tools.

The only way to know is to explore and spend time in this world. So add me with username TheTechieGuy and lets see where this journey goes.

ps. Are you on SnapChat ?

If you are on SnapChat and want to add to the story about your experience, please comment below – would love to see what you are up to !


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