The Huawei Bum Test to Pro Gaming – had it all on CliffCentral

Cliffcentral host: Liron Segev and Sam Wright

Hosting StuffCentral on Cliffcentral today was a blast ! Sam Wright, editor of was the cool co-host where we disused all things nerdy, geeky and cool. The Geeks shall inherit the earth !!

On Cliffcentral we covered:

The Intel Global Challenge

  • Tomi Ahonen, the world famous mobile trend predictor, tells us what mobile services works in Africa and how to make money from Mobile in Africa:
  • Huawei’s Marketing Director Liza Kaplan was in studio to chat about the new Huawei Ascend Mate 7:

Huawei’s Marketing Director Liza Kaplan

and Sam did her “does phone fit in my jeans bum test” :

Sam's bum test

  • Ash was in to chat about being a professional gamer fighting for the prize of $11 million ! So kids, when your parents say “stop playing the games and do homework” you can say “I am in training !”

Ash the pro gamer

Missed all of this good stuff? No problem – check it out here:

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