samsung s10 folding phone leaked

Some Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumor Roundup before Unpacked Event

Feb 20th is a big day for Samsung. And for us. That is when Samsung Unpacked event is scheduled and when we will finally get to see all the cool […]

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Samsung One Ui Update

13 Samsung One UI Features you MUST know!

Oh wow! If you have a Samsung phone you need to know about the new Samsung One UI update that is currently being rolled out across the various networks in the […]

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winning Christmas Casey Neistat

Winning Christmas For Kids thanks to Casey Neistat, Samsung, Judy and Benji Travis!

For some, when December rolls around, it is a time for family, friends, gifts, celebration and time off from work. Jolly Santas at the malls, stunning lights decorating people’s homes […]

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Samsung and Huawei troll Apple fans – AGAIN

I love bold marketing and both Samsung and Huawei have been stepping up their Apple trolling game in a big way. Huawei Juice In London, a long queue of excited Apple […]

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Samsung Galaxy s9 vs. iPhone X vs. Google Pixel 3

How will Samsung Galaxy S9 fare as a premium smartphone?

If there is one phone that has us non-iPhone salivating it’s the Samsung Galaxy S9 which was announced at Mobile World Congress. The camera, the specs, the phone all scream […]

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What is the difference between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality ?

Aaaad the geeks have done it again – instead of keeping things simple, they once again have come up with terminology to confuse the daylights out of ordinary people. This […]

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What teens traded for a holiday from Samsung

I love this ad. Yes an advert.. Its an advert for Samsung Galaxy A smartphone which is so simple but so powerful. The ad doesn’t talk about specs of the […]

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New Samsung phablet is noted !

Samsung recently unveiled their latest phablet device – the Samsung Note 5. During the event, I remember staring at the phone’s screen and wondering why would anyone want this unit […]

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