how to get Fortnite on Android

How to get Fortnite for Android and a list of compatible Fortnite Android phones

Ever since Fortnite made its first appearance, gamers who fell in love with the game, have wanted a portable version of the game. This request was answered in the form of […]

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ALIEN: DESCENT a wireless free-roaming virtual reality experience like no other

You join an elite squad of Colonial Marines sent to investigate a distress signal from a Weyland-Yutani mining outpost.  Just before losing contact, the facility reported a mysterious infestation. It’s […]

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Takealot brings flash-mob gaming to Johannesburg – WIN Takealot Vouchers

When you mix the right ingredients together, amazing chemistry happens. This is one of those times. I partnered with and embarked on a super-secret mission. Here is what I […]

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How to install Super Mario Run on your Android phone and everything else you need to know

  The exclusivity is over! iOS users have had 3 months of Mario time on their mobile devices but now the wait is over for Mario  Android fans. The 23rd of […]

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Flappy Birds creator releases Ninja Spinki Challenges which is just as frustrating

What is the most frustrating game you have played on your mobile phone ? For me it has to be Flappy Birds. Back in 2014, the simple game was released […]

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No more toys for kids at BURGER KING !

  For the un-initiated, ie. those people who don’t have kids, every time you buy a junior meal at a fast-food outlet your kids are rewarded with a toy of […]

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3 reasons to be excited about the Nintendo Switch gaming console

Finally, it’s here – the new Nintendo console that we have been waiting for and no. It’s not yet another tablet. Originally codenamed Nintendo NX, the new gaming console has […]

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What happens when you combine fish and Cadbury Bubbly chocolate ?

  There is one thing you miss when you travel abroad – South African Cadbury Chocolate….its just yum.  So when Cadbury asked me to check out their latest TV ad […]

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