New Battlefield V Chapters and Battle Royale too

New Battlefield V Chapters and Battle Royale too

I am not a “gamer” – yes I play games on my PS4, but I would classify me as a casual push-lots-of-buttons to hopefully find the L1-type of gamer. I also don’t jump on the latest games too oooh and aaahhh so not all games appeal to me.

I like first-person-shooter fast-paced type of games and this is why I LOVE Battlefield V.

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With Battlefield V you get to play a soldier fighting in World War 2 is not the usual places. You have to complete specific tasks battling both the enemy and weather conditions.  From sands of the desert to snowy mountaintops, you need to survive and fight. For example: in one section you need to get warm quickly or face hyperthermia, at the same time, the enemy is huddled by a fire…what do you do? Hmmm

As “campaign” style games are often long and stretch over many scenes, it good for the game developer to spice things up by offering variations. In Battlefield V, you are able to change your weapons with weapons of various capabilities that you find laying around. You are also able to drive various vehicles (including armor plated ones), steal and fly a plane and even ski down the mountain.

While you can play Battlefield V in a team and pick your character specializing in recon, assault, medic or support class, I personally prefer to go at it alone and complete the “War Stories”.

In the stories, you fight “through the eyes of the men and women who helped change the world forever”. I started off as a British criminal in prison joining the war as an explosives expert looking for a chance at redemption and then moved onto being a Norwegian resistance fighter in Nordlys. Next up, a Senegalese French Colonial fighter in Tirailleur.

I am waiting for the December 4th  when there is a new single-player War Story, The Last Tiger. This is a new tank-focused map called Panzerstorm where you will battle the enemy forces in your customized armored tank (I assume.)

Additionally, according to Electronic Arts, Battlefield V will also begin time-limited events from the first chapter of its new live service commitment to players, Tides of War. Each new chapter throughout Tides of War will feature evolving gameplay, an expanding world, new experiences, and game improvements all completely free, bringing a new Battlefield with each one.

But there is more!

New Battlefield V Chapters and Battle Royale too

Launching in March. 2019  is Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, debuting in January, will see the introduction of the cooperative Combined Arms mode and the return of Rush and Squad Conquest.  This is followed by Chapter 3: Trial by Fire where we will see the introduction of Battle Royale mode, Firestorm, and a new map set in Greece.

Oh yeah – so it seems like we aren’t done yet with Battlefield V as the game keeps evolving with more chapters and new experiences. With a promise of Battle Royale in the not-too-distant future, THIS is how you keep your gamers/button-pushers very happy!

Battlefield V is now available both digitally and in stores on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and Origin™ on PC.

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