9 Retro Games To Play On Your Smartphone by Jase Bennett

9 Retro Games To Play On Your Smartphone by Jase Bennett

What do you do when you are stuck in a long queue or while waiting for the doc or while on a bus/ train/ plane?

I like to play some games on my phone and while I am ok with digging into Fortnite or PUBG or Pokemon Go, I love getting back into old-school retro games and relive those hours spent feeding coins to the arcade machine before everyone had a computer at home.

Here are 9 retro games to play on your phone today

  1. Pac-Man


I can still hear the sound when I played Pac-Man on those big classic arcade machines way back when. Love the fact that I can relive the thrills of your childhood Pac-Man games are available on Android!

To bring alive nostalgic feelings try downloading the original game but for extra fun, you can not go wrong trying the Pac-Man 256 and the Championship Edition DX but for me, Pac-Man is still available in its classic form and that is truly a classic.

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

sonic dash 2 retro game

Who doesn’t love the Sonic the Hedgehog? SEGA has continuously devised new characters and stories, mapping into new platforms, racers and into never ending sequels. The original version of the game is also available on Android so you can get into  Hedgehog 2 and see how long you can run!

  1. Grim Fandango Remastered

grim fandango retro game

Grim Fandango was the top dog of point and click adventure games, and is still cool offering the re-created rendition of the LucasArts vintage. You preform your duties as a travel agent until you are entangled in a web of conspiracy…

Over the years, the game has had some retouches and upgrades with new features such as enhanced textures, widescreen support and new controls.

  1. Tetris

tetris retro game

This legendary puzzler has made a comeback. You can enjoy this free game which has one touch capability and endless marathon modes. Just make sure you don’t rage-quit it by throwing your phone! (I may or may not have done that….)

  1. Crazy Taxi Classic

crazy taxi classic retro game

Get behind the wheel and pick up and drive clumsily with reckless abandon around the city. Who doesn’t want to do that! This was one of the greatest arcade games and the newly tweaked version of the actual game can be savored on your phone. Take out that road rage here!

  1. Metal Slug Attack

metal slug attack retro game

Talk about old-school! Metal Slug on the phone still retains the basic gameplay where you get to control a fleet of vehicles and are able to select an extra set of your favorite characters.

  1. The King of Fighters ’98

king of fighters retro game

Late nineties classic is this fighting game. It delivers thrilling features such as hand to hand combat, a wide and varied selection of fighting characters and a unique soundtrack to get your into the mood!

  1. Old School Runescape

old school runescape retro game

A great treo MMPORG that people enjoyed over a decade ago and are again on their smartphones. Get ahead with RS Gold.

  1. Double Dragon Trilogy

double dragon retro games

THIS was my life. This game is back on Android and offers best king-fu mix fighting using your fists, feet or weapons. HOURS spent feeding the arcade coin after coin on this game and its now on your phone.

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