Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 3 Video Camera Test – which phone’s camera is right for you

Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 3 Video Camera Test – which phone’s camera is right for you

Its not every day that you find a major bug in a flagship phone.

I certainly didn’t start out the day looking for one, but here is what happened when I did a Samsung Galaxy S9 vs the Google Pixel 3 Video Camera Test shootout.

Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 3 Which has a better camera?

After my last video showing the difference between the Samsung S9 and the Google Pixel 3 night-mode (you can see that here), I was asked to show which one has a better camera for shooting video.

Great Question! So here is what I did to test the two cameras:

We typically shoot a video in three scenarios: while we walk, while we drive, and while we do some sort of activity. Therefore in this video test, I rigged up the Pixel 3 and the Galaxy S9 Plus onto a bracket so that they would both film the same scene at the same time. This is not perfect, but the closest I could get to comparing fairly the two phones.

Note that the bracket was handheld with NO stabilizer and no gimbal. What you see in this video is pulled directly off the camera with no editing, no color grading, no audio enhancements.

The winner between the Galaxy S9 or the Pixel 3?

I have to admire both these phones for their stabilization feature. The video image is buttery smooth and amazing that software is able to give you something that previously only a stabilizer or a gimbal could give you.

Based on what I saw, the Google Pixel 3 has the more accurate color representation. It shows the dark and light spots like they in the real world. The audio is ok but does pick up a lot of surrounding noise too. So that’s fine to film your day at the beach, but not so great if you want to talk to the camera vlog-style.

The Samsung S9 plus has some great footage and can be bumped up to 4k at 60 fps so you can a nice range to play with. The audio was clear and overall performed better than the Pixel 3.

Obviously, the lagging bug in the Pixel 3 threw me and perhaps it will be fixed with a software update, but if I was buying a phone today for its camera, the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus would be my personal choice.

Which one did you think was better? Let me know what you think in the comments below:


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