KLM on YouTube is awesome!

KLM on YouTube is awesome!

Information overload. We all suffer from it.

Our environment is constantly demanding our attention with beeps, bells, and buzzes from our various gadgets notifying us of yet another darn thing we need to address immediately.

As I work with some of the world’s largest brands and YouTubers, I love seeing how much can be shared in a short little video clip. Short being the key word here before focus the viewer gets interrupted yet again.

This is why I love what KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is doing with their YouTube channel.  KLM is constantly proving that brands don’t have to be boring with a healthy mix of professionalism, creativity, and education and yes even a bit of fun all rolled into one brilliantly executed channel.

Having the best cappuccino in the sky onboard their Johannesburg to Amsterdam flight, and embracing virtual reality with other smart technologies, just adds to the KLM charm.

Some Awesome KLM Moments

ps. NO – this is NOT a sponsored story by KLM. Just sharing the love.

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