3 lessons every business owner can learn from kid YouTubers

3 lessons every business owner can learn from kid YouTubers

I just returned from ClamourCon which is a YouTube event in Palm Springs. The event is run by amazing people, who invite top YouTubers from around the country to get together in order to learn, network, and collaborate. Sweet swag, toys, and gadgets are available from companies who want to showcase their latest and greatest. The event is a superb mix of fun, activities and fostering relationships.

I was at Calmour at part of the vidIQ team helping YouTubers understand their analytics and strategy so they can grow their channel. In doing so, I got to see a “helicopter view” of the type of content being created and here are some common lessons I took away from helping all these amazing channels:

Competitors vs. Collaborators

In traditional business, when you sell a similar product or service as someone else, you are competing for the customer’s attention – and their cash. Therefore, you need to constantly keep ahead of the game in order to stand out to get your customer’s attention.

clamourcon 2019 - lessons (3)

On YouTube, the viewer is able to watch multiple channels on the same topic. Each time a viewer watches another similar video, it does not take away their view from the first video. In other words, views aren’t finite which means that a viewer doesn’t need to carefully select which video to watch before they run out of view quota.

Therefore, YouTube content creators have realized that by collaborating with similar channels, everyone wins.

Lesson: In your business, find complimentary products or services that work well with your product or service that your customers would love. This gives you the edge by creating attractive bundles of value-added services that customers actually want.

The more you do the better you get

Throughout the week, everywhere I looked, there were kids holding cameras creating content. Everywhere and at all hours. The hustle was real!

Fast forward 10 years of having these content creators on YouTube, honing their skills, and we will find a video level that will be virtually impossible to compete with.

Lesson: If you are thinking IF you should or should not get add videos to your business process, the answer is YES and you should do it sooner than later.

As Bruce Lee saying goes: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

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Just Do It

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

Some of the best videos family content creators make, is just simple content. No over the top production, no scripts, no hours of rehearsals. Just an idea, a quick dry run or two and an unrivaled enthusiasm.

The Ohana Adventure is one of my favorite families. Besides being amazing people, they have found the right mix and balance between keeping things simple and being able to share stories we can’t help but love.

The Ohana Adventure - ClamourCon 2019

Lesson: Analysis Paralysis is real. Sometimes we over analyze, over research, and just never do it. It’s better to have a simpler version of the content that just resonates verses something that never sees the light of day due to it not being perfect.

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