how to get fortnite on adnroid no invitation needed

How to get Fortnite on any Android 8.0 phone without an invitation

Fortnite. Fortnite for Android. How to get Fortnite.

These are the top search terms around the web as Android users are tired of waiting for their Fortnite invitation emails if they don’t own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The waiting is now over!

If you have an Android 8.0 and above, you can now get your Fortnite installation file from Epic Games.

How to get Fortnite for Android without invitation

Step 1. make sure you are running Android 8.0 by going to your Android settings, System.

Step 2. Make sure your hardware is compatible as Fortnite needs a very specific set of GPU to work. Here is what you do to check if your phone meets the requirements:

Step 3. Now that you are sure you have the right hardware for Fortnite for Android and you have Android 8.0, here is the link:



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