Adobe Premiere Rush CC – The app to fill the gap video creators have been waiting for

Adobe Premiere Rush CC – The app to fill the gap video creators have been waiting for

Filming video is a somewhat straightforward task – press record. However, that is only one part of the story.

To make that video pop, you need to spend time editing. This is where you splice together scenes, jump between camera angles, fast forward and slow down the action, add mood-inducing music and sound effects. Days of filming and hours of footage, edited down to just 8 minutes of video power-goodness!

Typically those just starting out with video will use some of the free apps such as Movie Makers or iMovie to get their editing-feet wet. However,  at a time there comes a need to go beyond the simple tasks of simple cuts and transitions and that is when you need to step up the video editing game.

While there are various applications out there, the go-to app is Adobe Premiere Pro which, as the name suggests, is used by the professionals. But it is not for everyone. It can be overwhelming and does require a decent spec computer hardware and hours of YouTube tutorials to get going.

Now you have a new Adobe kid on the block –  Adobe Premiere Rush CC  an app designed specifically for creators to create, edit and share online videos with powerful editing suite, but without the deep-dive tech requirement and steep learning curve.

What can Adobe Premiere Rush CC do?

Adobe lists some of the features  as follows:

  • An intuitive, all-in-one experience: Premiere Rush integrates capture, intuitive editing, simplified color, audio, motion graphics, and seamless publishing to the leading social platforms, all together in one easy-to-use solution.
  • Creative flexibility: Make videos that look great, sound great, and are uniquely yours with simplified editing, customizable Motion Graphics templates, color, and Adobe Sensei-powered Auto-Ducking, all powered by Premiere ProAfter Effects, and Audition.
  • Social Media Optimization: With sharing presets and one-click publishing, Premiere Rush automatically optimizes all your content for the different social media platforms that you publish to today — including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Behance.
  • Access anytime, anywhere: Create a project on one device and publish from another with a consistent user experience across phone, tablet, and desktop.

The app is constantly being updated along with features such as speed controls (for those speed ramps and slow-mo effects), improved performance, and an even more simple method to publish videos to multiple platforms.

Note: Adobe Premiere Rush is not currently available on Android but that is coming next year. It is available on iOS.

How much does Adobe Premiere Rush CC cost?

Premiere Rush CC, available now on both and via the iOS App Store as follows:

  • $9.99/month to individuals
  • $19.99/month to teams
  • $29.99/month to enterprise customers

Premiere Rush CC is also included as part of Creative Cloud All Apps, Premiere Pro CC single app, the Student plan, and comes with 100 GB of CC storage. Additional storage options, up to 10 TB, are also available for purchase.

There is also a Premiere Rush CC Starter Plan which is available for free.  The Starter plan gives customers access to all Premiere Rush CC features, use of desktop and mobile apps, and the ability to create an unlimited number of projects and export up to three projects!

For more info on Adobe Premiere Rish CC click here

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