VidSummit 2019

What you REALLY need to know about VidSummit

If It takes a village to raise a child then it takes VidSummit to raise a creator. That is how I describe VidSummit, an annual YouTube focused summit that takes […]

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oneplus 7 pro launch invite

YOU are invited to the OnePlus 7 Pro Launch in New York – what can you expect?

Cell phones launch events follow the same pattern: Select VIP and Media get invited, at the keynote the product is revealed and this is livestreamed to the rest of the […]

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Stylish Video Streaming ACE Glasses for Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to be unveiled at CES 2018

Remember when Snapchat released their wearable sunglasses? They¬†were all the rage must-have tech-item and then they disappeared. If you are just visiting this planet or were off-the-grid (same thing), if […]

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Is VidSummit worth it for content creators, brands, marketers and influencers?

There are so many tech conferences and events throughout the year.¬† They range from free, to thousands of dollars and of course you have to add the travel and accommodation […]

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Not buying the iPhone X and what you should know beyond the iPhone X hype

By now pretty much everyone has covered the latest Apple announcement. If you don’t know about the new flagship iPhone X phone, then you probably don’t care and have been […]

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The world brightest scientists gather at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and they are all still in school!

When you think of a the worlds brightest scientist convention you tend to think of elderly men and women, dressed in white coats, talking in what seems to be a […]

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How to hack SXSW and the opportunity cost of shiny things

It is 1 day before I head down to South by South West (SXSW) event in Austin Texas. To say I am excited is an understatement as this is my […]

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Sigma lenses are based on purity and simplicity

Do I buy a better camera body or do I buy a better lens? This is the dilemma many photographers face. I was told by the pros that the body […]

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