YOU are invited to the OnePlus 7 Pro Launch in New York – what can you expect?

YOU are invited to the OnePlus 7 Pro Launch in New York – what can you expect?

Cell phones launch events follow the same pattern: Select VIP and Media get invited, at the keynote the product is revealed and this is livestreamed to the rest of the world who isn’t there. The attendees are able to get some hands-on time with the newly announced phone.

But not everyone is following the same trend and its AWESOME.

YOU are invited to the OnePlus 7 Pro LAUNCH

OnePlus is about to launch their latest device, the OnePlus 7 Pro, on May 14th in New York. This time YOU are invited. OnePlus has made 2000 tickets available to the public to attend the event and be one of the first to see first hand the OnePlu 7 Pro being launched to the world.

Tickets now cost $30 and include free snacks and drinks and the same hands-on experience with the OnePlus products that is typical with these events. You will also get some swag including OnePlus Pin-set, OnePlus Never Settle T-shirt, 

and a custom Co-branded OnePlus Gift. You will also receive a mystery invitation gift within two weeks of purchasing your OnePlus 7 Pro Ticket

If you are an excited OnePlus fan and really want to get your hands on the latest 7 Pro, you will have to wait a little bit longer as there will be no products sold at the actual launch event. This doesn’t indicate a delay of any kind but is typical with events where the products are not sold on site.

While the event is said to end at midnight, there is an option after-party event. I can only assume this is going to be some celebrity performance by a big name artist, so well worth staying around for that!

What’s exciting about the OnePlus 7 Pro Launch anyways?

The  OnePlus 6T was sold out for months in my T-Mobile store so I could only watch fellow reviewers love this device. I would constantly ask friends if they have the OnePlus so I could get some hands-on time with it and the questions were “what’s so great about the OnePlus?”.

Great question. It’s good to explore other phones beyond blindly “updating” year after year as a new model is launched.

Here are some features of the OnePlus 7 that I am excited about. Note: these are rumors compiled from a mixed bag of social media chatter.

  • OnePlus 7 Pro is said to have 5G connectivity using the Snapdragon 855 chipset.
  • 4000 mAh battery will power the 6.5 inch display.
  • The cameras is where this gets interesting.  48 Megapixel, 20 Megapixel, and 5 Megapixel Tripple cameras on the rear. While the specs are not confirmed, various images and renders including this tongue-in-cheek Tweet.

  • There is also an interesting rumor of a pop-up 16 Megapixel front-facing camera that can snap 360-degree images and/or video.
  • This is the PRO, so does that hint there will be a OnePlus 7?
  • 5G isn’t rolled out yet in the USA and in other regions, does that mean there is a non-5G version?

How to watch the OnePlus 7 Pro launch?

I don’t live in New York so I will be glued to my computer catch the live stream right here:

For more OnePlus 7 Pro info, head over the official site here

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