Why your business should be investing in Live Streaming

Why your business should be investing in Live Streaming

When we talk about Live Streaming, the first image that pops into our mind is a YouTuber streaming their content or Twitch users live streaming their latest games. However, Live Streaming doesn’t end there and savvy businesses are taking advantage of this tech.

Today, live streaming is making its way out of the exclusive realm of social media and into the business world. Many companies are now offering to broadcast their events live onto the internet for all to see. That is smart and here is why:

In the moment and driving real-time interaction

One of the biggest benefits of live streaming is the sense of immediacy it creates among an audience. We all want to be the first to know and being able to watch a live stream and glean the information the second it leaves the presenter’s mouth is powerful.

Just watch any social media feed as a new product is being unveiled: tweets instantly summarise the features and images are retweeted around the world.

What used to be the exclusive realm of media/ journalist and VIP is now an event million can watch first hand and comment.

Today, DJI has revealed their newest drones, a must-have gadget amongst photographers and tech-lovers. Exclusive invited guest were privileged to watch the new Mavic 2 Pro And Mavic 2 Zoom however, the rest of the drone enthusiast, could click a link and watch the entire event as it unfolded:

Curiosity Satisfied

Every day, we use products and services from companies that we love. So when those companies offer to offer us a sneak peak behind the curtain, we can’t resist but watch.

A great example of this came from Dunkin Donuts which made Valentine’s Day extra sweet by offering exclusive live footage from its test kitchen giving a unique and privileged insight into how new recipes are developed.

A better experience

live streaming

Convenience is another key factor that businesses should consider when it comes to their live streaming strategies. The online casino industry is well aware of this and have invested heavily in providing Live casino with real dealers technology for their customers who can play without leaving their home.

To further enhance the experience, casinos makes use of optical recognition software to ensure the video’s quality is pixel-perfect, and conveys the fine detail; from the shuffle of a deck of cards to the roll of a roulette ball. This, combined with high quality audio to capture the real sounds of the games, makes it an immersive experience.

Building a brand community

Another important area in which live streaming comes into its own is in the field of educating consumers and stakeholders. This can range from showing how to use a particular product or service.

Companies such as VidIQ use live streaming where thousands of their fans and customers join the stream in order to ask questions, watch new features being unveiled, and interact with the business in real time.

As a secondary benefit, the use of live streaming can also provide a real boost to the numbers of people signing up to company’s social media accounts, encouraged to get more involved after an interaction, and increase sales.

So in summary:

Looking to the future it seems likely that more and more sectors will also be jumping onto the live streaming bandwagon and exploring just what this exciting medium can do for them. At some point, it’s likely it’ll come together with virtual reality to create an even more immersive experience for customers – but whether this will be driven by social media or from a different direction remains to be seen.

Live streaming video technology and the constantly increasing bandwidth is allowing us to not only play our favourite game online, but also watch a baby giraffe being born in Africa, and a moment later learn a new skill from a live streaming tutorial. All without leaving our computer or phone.

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