GDPR Data Business

What your business should know about managing data post GDPR

“We have updated our privacy policy” said basically EVERYONE. While this seemingly came out of the blue, business owners had two years to prepare for this change. General Data Protection […]

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Delete Facebook app is not going to help

Stop picking on Facebook everyone sells your data

Our Facebook data is being sold? No? Say it ain’t so… Congratulations – it took a while but it seems like people have finally woken up to the fact that […]

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Netflix wears magenta with the T-Mobile Netflix On Us Deal

Tech news happens daily, but just like the eclipse, sometimes two tech companies come together and create a beautiful scene worth noting. Today was just one of those days as […]

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Data Proof: Twitter research shows people trust influencers as much as they trust their friends

“How influential are these so-called influencers ?” This question comes up often in discussion when PR and Brands get together to map out their marketing strategy. It also seems to […]

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68 terabytes of data shatters Super Bowl records

The Super Bowl came and went and left not only the Denver Broncos as the 2016 winners but also shattered previous Super Bowl Data records. During the game, its many […]

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18 Facebook searches you did not know existed

  If you think the only method to find information online is via a search engine such as Google or Bing – you would be mistaken. While these might be […]

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Warning: Facebook automatically playing videos eats your mobile data and how to switch it off

One of Facebook’s latest updates is the ability to automatically play videos as you scroll down your timeline. In the past, the videos would require you to press on the […]

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How R30 million in fraud was detected and the state of the South African Crime Unit

I am concerned. I attended the Mimecast Human Firewall event where Brigadier NT Pieterse Section Head of the Electronic Crime Unit presented the South African state when it comes to […]

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