Are you spending too much time online

Are you spending too much time online

When was the last time you told yourself, “I really should spend more time on social media?” or “I don’t read enough insipid articles on online magazines?” – Ridiculous questions, of course.

We all know that we waste far too much time on insignificant online fluff. We get involved in futile discussions on one social media that lead no where, then switch over to another platform and consume 4 hours of videos to “relax”.

Before we know it, its bedtime and we wonder where our day went…

Social media and so much more of the web is scientifically designed to be addictive as most people typically spend at least one hour of their workday That number seems to be grossly understated.

Unfocused Slacking

When we used to be in the office, companies implemented restrictions on internet access at the office At the time there was great push back by employees. However, as we are now working from home, you can kinda see how that feature can be benefitical if you don’t the will power to control your online activities.

At home there isn’t the “peer pressure” to get stuff done as your co-workers around you seem to have spreadsheets and documents open, while on your screen you have Facebook.

So a little blocking help from IT may be needed….

The Power of Blocking

Mentally, we want to feel accomplished. We want to be productive and when we find a way to structure our home office work schedule and see projects concluded, we feel great.  So we need some technical assistance.

The best distraction canceling apps restrict you from accessing certain sites or apps during specified times. Simply download the app, fill in your customized settings, and disallow obstructions that rob you of focus, clarity, and sharpness.

While it does take some getting used to, and can be frustrating at first, it’s freeing to be able to stop worrying about willpower, and let the app defend you from that “internet itch.”

Productivity apps or blocking apps give you chunks of zero-time-wasted work so that you can focus on getting stuff done before taking a break and checking out who said what to whom…

Apps are available for both the computer and the phone. Some are free while others are paid for. A great system I use is time-blocking or the Pomodoro technique.

Denial is real

Data doesn’t lie. If you look at your phone’s activity, you will see just which apps you have used and for how long. This is something you should be keeping your eye on. We tend to multi-tak and bounce between apps thinking “I just want to quickly check” but that “quickly” becomes an hour before you know it.

We have all been sucked into the vortex of following one video into another into another. Watching one or two TikToks which lead to hundreds more. The problem is that it takes a while to get back into work-mode.

The new Clubhouse app is a drop-in audio platform where there is a wealth of information from the greatest speakers in the world, but can be a complete time-suck. Check out some of the Clubhouse red flags so that you don’t get sucked into that too!


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